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Drag and Drop with CloudApp

Dear CloudApp users,

Here is a quick explanation of how to easily embed content into an email and why you should do it.

1) How to use drag and drop!

Drag any GIF or screenshot from your CloudApp menubar and drop it into an email.

2) Why should you embed the actual content into an email instead of using the link?

Your emails have a bigger impact by taking the extra click away from your recipient. All the information they need is already in the email, no need to open a new window or click on a link. GIFs start playing right when the recipient opens your email, even on mobile!

Create emails that are worth being read and answered!

Note: To easily share files, drag a file from your computer and drop it into the CloudApp Icon in your menubar. As soon as you drop it into CloudApp, a link to this file will be directly copied into your clipboard.


– Don’t struggle with the maximum file size your email provider or platform can handle
– Secure your content by sharing a link that expires or by adding a password

– The person that receives your link doesn’t have to create a CloudApp account to view or download the file.
– With our Analytics, you can track when it was opened and how many people viewed your content.