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How Baremetrics Uses CloudApp

How Baremetrics Uses CloudApp To Replace 6-8 Meetings A Week

CloudApp helps many Saas providers deliver personalized, visual media messaging so they can focus on the work that matters most. Whether that’s improving feedback loops, eliminating meetings, or sending personalized content to customers, brands like Baremetrics are using video and loving it. 

We chatted with Lea LeBlanc from Baremetrics to highlight their experience, walk through some of their use cases, and share the results they’ve seen.



What workflows does Baremetrics use CloudApp for?

Baremetrics chose CloudApp to share information faster. Instead of scheduling a 30-minute meeting, we now share the same information by recording and sending a 5-minute video, which allows us to focus on executing our strategy.

Sending videos gives everybody their time back and allows the speaker to explain something more in-depth than they could over email. That context is important especially for a remote team like Baremetrics. We send videos internally with team members as well as externally to customers and leads. 

CloudApp also helps us visually communicate feedback, speeding up iteration loops and the time it takes to get work done. As an example, Marketing uses the annotation tool to mark up screenshots of blog articles, landing pages, etc., to help explain when something needs to be fixed during the editing process. 

What are the challenges CloudApp solves on a day-to-day basis?

Baremetrics is a remote team with team members all over the world, primarily in the US and Japan. This can present challenges as team members have to coordinate meetings with large differences in time zones. 

By using CloudApp to share information via video, we’ve reduced the number of meetings, especially those that inevitably occur at challenging times for some (early morning, late night).

Which teams at Baremetrics use CloudApp?

Our marketing, sales, and customer success teams all use CloudApp videos and screenshots.

The marketing team builds new content and campaigns every day, which require fast, efficient feedback. When a team member notices something out of place (like this spacing issue in a blog post), we can clearly show what needs to be fixed with little text at all.


Our sales team creates personalized demos during their sales process, and when prospects have questions, we can often send them quick videos or GIFS (like the one below) giving them the information they need rather than setting up an additional call.



Our team heavily relies on CloudApp for internal communication as well. Cross-functional updates, how-tos, and explanations are often shared in Slack. 


What benefits/results have come from using CloudApp?

Across our team, CloudApp tools help us replace 6-8 meetings a week.

About Baremetrics

Baremetrics is a business intelligence tool that provides insight and analytics for subscription-based Saas companies. Through powerful segmentation and reporting tools, businesses can use Baremetrics to organize customers and bring meaningful, comparative insights across reports and dashboards.

Baremetrics boasts these capabilities by bringing data together from your most important sources. Use their robust API, or one-click connections like their Shopify Partners integration. You can start with Baremetrics today with a free trial.