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Customer Experience Biggest Trends in 2022

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Businesses compete with their customers’ most recent customer experience. The consumers of the year 2022 expect the best, cutting-edge digital experiences.

That means each and every business needs to take a hard look at their digital-first strategy.


The 3 biggest trends in Customer Experience in 2022.

#1 Asynchronous Video for Customer Support

A new live chat support study by SuperOffice reports that 21% of businesses don’t respond to live chat requests. 

Asynchronous video enables customers and companies to interact in their own time with no need to be online at the same time. Visual communication tools prioritize customer convenience and help you to stay connected with your customers 24/7.

Customers have the freedom to raise their concerns and ask questions at their own pace, with no need to start the conversation over every single time. 

#2 Agent Empowerment

Even with integrated AI and automation of the customer journey, humans are needed to help customers along the way. These humans are now on the front lines of CX. Because the journey is geared towards self-service, once a customer does need and access a human, that human can be setup to take a lot of negativity. 

It’s important to empower agents with as much information as possible. Here are a few of the most important:

  • A clear knowledge-base that’s easy to navigate
  • Scripting for common scenarios
  • Clear escalation protocols
  • Troubleshooting guide
  • Robust CRM software


The point isn’t just to give consistent, quality interactions to customers. It’s to make work life easier for agents. 

#3 Personalization

Customers are on the lookout for brands they feel understand them.

Customers are experienced in CX, themselves. They’ve broken out of modes during the pandemic and seen who has risen to the top in CX. They know what good customer service looks like and they expect nothing less.

Personalization is a general word, but it hits the nail on the head in terms of what customers are seeking: a multichannel experience that gets what they want on their terms. 

According to the 2021 State of Personalization Report, sixty percent of customers say they will be repeat buyers after a personalized experience. They want a business to know their name, their contact details and what platform they are on.

To incorporate personalization, you start with content.

  1. Create content
  2. Organize content modularly
  3. Tag content with relevant metadata
  4. Integrate with CX and AI technology 


At CloudApp we know that beyond your name and contact info, mac users might be looking for a snipping tool for mac, for example, while PC users want a completely different experience.

Once you understand what information customers find helpful and when, then you can take that personalization to the next level. 


The future of CX is digital-first. And yet the goal is to make the experience feel real, personal and human.

With the right tools, business are successfully balancing automation, asynchronous communication and human empowerment.

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