Customer Engagement Tips from Syed Balkhi, Founder of OptinMonster and WPBeginner

Olivia Clyde

Building a successful business from scratch is no small feat. Syed Balkhi built two. He is founder of both WPBeginner and OptinMonster. As a founder, Syed understands the value of effective communication. We were curious to learn how CloudApp improves his team's communication. Watch the video below.

Syed started 2 companies: WPBeginner and OptinMonster

WPBeginner is the largest resource site for free Wordpress assistance.

OptinMonster is a software that specializes in conversion optimization.

Syed Balkhi, Founder of WPBeginner and OptinMonster

Both companies use CloudApp to educate customers, create engaging content, and clarify messaging.

Customer Engagement

Companies can deliver consistent value with quality content. Content that educates and engages the customer base fuels customer loyalty. Read below to learn how Syed’s team uses CloudApp to improve content.

Lead Nurture

"At OptinMonster, our team uses CloudApp for lead nurturing."

Syed's teams use CloudApp features to educate potential customers about OptinMonster's product. Once his team captures leads, they use autoplay GIFs to capture attention for content that would is mostly text-based. Motion GIFs give variety to content. Whether a brand new lead or a seasoned company evangelist, every customer needs to be continually nurtured and engaged.

GIFs for Personalization

Companies can use content to demonstrate how they care for a customer. CloudApp offers visual ways to connect with a customer throughout the customer journey.

Syed’s marketing team uses GIFs to personalize emails, social posts, and landing pages. GIFs add motion to static collateral. They help solidify concepts and keep customers scrolling. CloudApp features bring marketing collateral to life.

Clarify Your Message

Clarity for each customer touchpoint colors the customer's experience. Syed's teams use CloudApp HD screen recordings to guide customers through multi-step processes. Customers can pause, rewind, or replay videos at their leisure.

Employees zero in on issues with customers by using image markups like arrows, circles, colors, and more. Problems are easier to define and resolve.

“A picture speaks a thousands words because I can take a screenshot and just annotate it or use an arrow.”

Customers come back CloudApp makes content easier to process.

Simplify Customer Support

The ability to deliver clear feedback is necessary to solve customer problems. Customers are best served when support teams communicate with clarity.

Syed's support team uses CloudApp’s screenshots to guide customers through an issue. Screenshot annotations make it easy to point out problems to fix them faster. Support representatives use GIFs and recordings to save time explaining solutions.

Communicate Faster

Effective communication is the lifeblood of a thriving company. With CloudApp, Syed’s teams understand what customers want, like, and need. Customer problems become easier to fix.

"It helps us speed up communication, and for us communication is like oxygen."

CloudApp eliminates the need to clarify and explain with text. Content is easy to capture and share. They can copy and paste their content links in documents, emails or Slack. Faster collaboration allows them to get more work done. Solving customer problems becomes faster and more enjoyable.

Here are more ways that CloudApp boost support results.  

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