New Feature: Create meaningful interactions with a Call-to-Action Button

Phin Hochart

Introducing CloudApp’s Newest Feature

Since the creation of CloudApp, we have made great strides to empower our users to communicate efficiently and effectively without the constraint of physical proximity. We’ve been working hard to update and maintain our screenshot, annotation, screen recording, and gif-making features in order to best serve. Just a month ago, we released our iOS app, allowing you to take CloudApp to the streets.

Today, we are thrilled to prove ourselves as leaders in visual communication as we announce our newest CloudApp feature: the Call-to-Action Button. (Think: the B2B version of Instagram’s “Swipe Up.”)

What is a Call-to-Action (CTA) Button? 

Simply put, a call-to-action (CTA) button is a highlighted link that invites the viewer to engage in a specific action. A call-to-action button looks like this: 

Essentially there are three elements to a call-to-action button: (1) the text invitation, (2) the destination URL, and (3) the button itself. For more information on what you can do with a call-to-action button, view the blog post here

Drive Conversion with Our New Call-to-Action Feature 

With our new call-to-action feature, you’ll have the opportunity to decrease user friction, optimize your content, and increase retention. Try out the call-to-action button today!

Simplify Drops for Synergized User Experience: 

Now, you can make your viewer’s desired action as easy as a click of a button. Add any link to your drop with an aesthetically pleasing CTA box. 


Increase KPIs with Decreased User Friction

Now that your viewer’s desired action is as easy as the click of a button, see your success grow! 


Build Brand and Relationships with Customizable Features

Not only is this feature available at the click of a button, but we support you in maintaining and building your personalized affect! As such, we’ve built in features to empower you to incorporate your branding elements into the build of the button. 

Reach Users on the Go with Mobile Functionality

Not only is this feature available at the click of a button, but we support you in maintaining and building your personalized affect! As such, we’ve built in features to empower you to incorporate your branding elements into the build of the button.

CloudApp Mobile Functionality of CTA Button Screenshot

What can I do with the Call-To-Action Button?

The following are just a couple of the potential use cases for the new call-to-action button. 


“Access the Tutorial”

Link to articles on how to complete a task or get the most out of a feature in your product

“See Our Roadmap”

Link to the companies’ product roadmap so customers can see what to expect next. 


“Download Here”

Send a CloudApp link featuring a simple visualization of a product update with a  download call-to-action .

“Upgrade Now”

Trying to close a deal with a new customer? Send a compelling video with a call-to-action that connects them to a checkout flow. 

“Start My Free Trial”

Allow your lead to transition directly from an introductory drop to an instant trial subscription!

Customer Support

“Talk with a Live Agent”

Client struggling to utilize your product, even after an explanatory video? Add in this CTA to allow them to directly reach out following viewing your drop.

“Contact Us”

What if it turns out the user is experiencing a product glitch? Allow them to submit a ticket or send an email at the click of a button.


“Schedule a Meeting”

Attach a Calendly link to allow your viewers to take the next step in the conversion path. 

“Book a Demo”

Further engagement with potential clients by allowing them to book a time to demo the product. 

“Learn More”

Erase funnel friction as you incorporate sales resources in a link in your drop. 

How Do I Access this Feature?

Following these steps to get started today!

  1. Open on your web browser
  2. Login to your account (or create an account if relevant!)
  3. Select the drop you want to complement with the Call-to-Action button (or upload one first if you haven’t yet!)
Add a CTA to CloudApp Screen Recording GIF

  1. Click on “Add Custom Action” in the bottom right corner
Update CTA in CloudApp Screen Recording GIF
  1. Edit away! You can adapt your button to exactly the way you want it to look! It’s easy to do, too, with the Custom Action Sidebar, as shown below. 
Edit CTA in CloudApp Screen Recording GIF

We hope you enjoy this new feature as much as we enjoy serving you! Thank you for being a part of the CloudApp fam. 

Napoleon Dynamite Sweet GIF

*Call-to-action is now available to all users of CloudApp with a subscription license (Pro, Team, Enterprise). It is not currently supported for those with custom domains, but will be soon.

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