Provide Customers with Detailed Answers

Provide Customers with Detailed Answers

Provide your customers with more straightforward, more detailed answers faster than ever with CloudApp’s screen recording and screenshot tool. Create and share videos, GIFs, and annotated screenshots instantly.

Provide Customers with Detailed Answers

CloudApp’s Screen Recorder is available for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Chrome. Downloading the tool is quick and easy. Simply download the app above, access it from the Apple Store for Mac and iOS, for PC from the Microsoft Windows Store, or go to the Chrome Webstore and add the extension to Chrome. ‍ It’s essential to create quality answers to your customers’ questions. Whether you’re answering a support ticket or filling out a FAQ or knowledge base for your website, CloudApp is the tool that will make creating great content more accessible than ever. ‍ CloudApp’s quick and simple visual communication tools enable users to create and instantly share annotated screenshots, GIFs, and screen recording videos. ‍ Support teams particularly love CloudApp because they’re in direct communication with customers and often find themselves typing out long, detailed answers to customers. Don’t get us wrong; detailed responses are great. But that long-winded email? Not so much. It’s taking up a lot of your product team’s time to write them, and long, wordy emails often leave room for confusion with your customers. ‍ Instead, using CloudApp to provide customers with detailed answers can help your team provide more precise solutions quicker, with less back and forth between them and customers. And, sharing a link to a polished and personalized tutorial video makes your team look great.  

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I just loved the clarity and feel of the book. It resonated with my past as an interior designer working in the city alone

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The genius way in which John sees everything differently. It's like he has the insight into the mind of the city dweller

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As a designer, I am constantly on the lookout for something new. In this book I have found a new way to view NYC

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Simply brilliant and clear. What the author has to say about architecture is both historical and brand new

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