Talking the modern workplace and customer experience with John Knightly CMO at BlueJeans

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Video has taken the world by storm over the last few years. Companies like BlueJeans and CloudApp are poised to take advantage of a growing workforce looking to be more visually connected. In today’s episode, we explore the growth of remote work and experience business with BlueJeans Network CMO John Knightly. John focuses on the problem of employees wasting time at worthless meetings and how BlueJeans Network is developing and optimizing a new type of meeting “smart meetings.”

BlueJeans is a SaaS company located in Mountain View, CA that is innovating video meetings and events to help teams connect and work productively wher ever and how ever they want. BlueJeans improves productivity through meeting highlights, transcription, and management tools such as analytics and automated alerts. They provide users with one-touch access to meetings regardless of device, browser, or meeting platform.

John Knightly is the Chief Marketing Officer at BlueJeans Network. Prior to his time at BlueJeans Network, he worked as the VP of Marketing at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, HP, and Adobe Systems where he led the Product, Solution, and Industry Marketing teams globally.

Talking with Sarah Dudley marketer for IBM on how the IoT can improve customer experience

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The Internet of Things is all the rage. With more and more “smart devices” coming out, how can businesses utilize these as a way to better connect with their employees and customers? In this episode, I sit down with Sarah Dudley, a Marketing Manager at IBM, to discuss this. Sarah hones in on the importance of one single customer experience and how marketing strategies are very human focused now.

IBM is a global technology company based in Armonk, New York that conducts research, produces and sells computer hardware/middleware/software, and provides consulting services in many areas including mainframe computers and nanotechnology. Some products include server hardware, storage-area network hardware, IBM Cognos Analytics, and Global Business and Technology Services.

Sarah Dudley is currently a Senior Product Marketing Manager at IBM and an Executive Director at Boston Content. Prior to her time at IBM and Boston Content, she worked as a Marketing Contractor and Corporate Resident at Travelzoo, Hasbro, and GE Aviation.

Reviewing the State of Productivity Infographic from CloudApp

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CloudApp surveyed 1000 U. S. based office workers and found some interesting stats on how people are wasting their time at the office.

Key Insights:

– 1 in 2 office workers list social media as their biggest time waster
– 40% of Gen Z is spending 5+ hours of their work week watching TikTok or YouTube
– 1 in 3 list chatty co-workers as their biggest time sucker
– Nearly 40% say that they spend 2+ hours a day in meetings.

We can’t all be 100% productive all the time, which is why it’s important to be dialed in and maximizing the time when we are focused.

CEO of Fellow App Aydin Mirzaee talking the modern workplace

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Rich talent at a company is key for growth and loyalty of your customer base. Today I chat with Fellow App CEO Aydin Mirzaee on how the modern workplace needs tools like Fellow and others to collaborate better and improve employee and customer retention. He stresses that understanding how each person works and discovering their strengths and weaknesses is something that each company has to put in to see success.

Fellow App is a startup based in Ottawa, Canada that focuses on empowering managers to make work better for every employee and team lead. They have created a toolkit for managers to power their 1-on-1s, team meetings, and goals/priorities. Fellow App has developed a task manager for managers and employees to collaborate on and optimize the way they interact and plan meetings.

Aydin Mirzaree is the Co-founder and CEO at Fellow App. Prior to his time at Fellow App, he was the Co-founder and Co-CEO at Fluidware, a SaaS business with a strong, driven team of over 75 employees that was later acquired by SurveyMonkey. He is also currently the Host of Supermanagers Podcast.

Talking content and experience with NFL content lead Joey Buskirk

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The NFL is one of the most followed sports in America. Today I chat with Joey Buskirk, content lead for the NFL and its clubs, on how digital has shaped the on-field experiences at games and how customers have evolved over the years. Joey takes us through his reasoning as to why content is king during this day and age, how honesty is bred through organizations and fans, and how game experiences are key to customer retention.

The National Football League is a professional American football league that consists of 32 organizations divided between two divisions, National and American. The NFL’s content strategy team centered in Culver City, CA focuses on providing depth analysis of all 32 organizations’ site and social media platforms to present to Organization and League representatives.

Joey Buskirk is the Manager of Club Content Strategy at the NFL where he serves as the primary content analyst for their internal strategy group. Prior to his time as a primary content analyst, he was the coordinator of digital media for the NFL.

5 customer experiences you have to nail as a brand

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We all want to create a good customer experience that leads to loyalty and reduces churn with our customers. Here are 5 places along the customer journey that you need to try and nail to ensure your customer remains loyal

Productivity at work is possible

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It can be easy to get distracted throughout the day, to focus on problems or programs that don’t move the needle. Productivity at work is possible.

Some tips –

– Create a To Do List
– Start with a tough task
– Don’t be afraid to say no
– Follow the Pareto principle
– Automate
– Give yourself breaks
– Pomodoro technique
– Get enough rest/avoid distractions
– Use technology

Saying no can be a key to creating an experience

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We all want to be team players. We all want to be nice and engaging. Sometimes this can be a double-edged sword. It is critical to learn how to say no to your co-workers, customers, and yourself early on to create sustained success. Sometime your no may just be a delayed yes, but even that small delay will help improve your customer and personal success at work. Im pulling some of the conversations today from an article that the CloudApp CEO Scott Smith contributed too in Fast Company

Remote work tips

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Nearly 60 percent of Gen Z is working remotely each week.

Over 50% of the CloudApp team is remote, and over the last 15 years I have managed a lot of remote workers. Passing on some tips related to a post I did for Qualtrics