Luke Williams Head of XM Experience at Qualtrics talks about what it takes to be a CX master

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Mastering the art of customer experience is a key skill that so few are able to perfect. Today, I sit down with Luke Williams, the Head of Customer Experience at Qualtrics, to talk about: where customer experience is going to be in 7 years, understand who people are and tailoring the experience towards them, and how Qualtrics is planning on transitioning from defense to offense when going back to work.

Qualtrics is a computer software company based in Provo, UT and Seattle, WA that helps brands continually assess the quality of their four core experiences: customers, employees, products, and brands. Qualtrics has optimized their platform so that organizations can be at every meaningful touchpoint, for every experience, and predict which changes will resonate most with lead executives and owners.

Luke Wiliams is an award-winning CX practitioner and Head of CX Strategy and Thought Leadership at Qualtrics. Prior to his time at Qualtrics, he was the Vice President and Global Leader of AECOM’s Client Care Program where he established a clear roadmap for progress, convened the firm’s first-ever Customer Experience Advisory Board, and installed an end-to-end global action system. Before AECOM, he worked as the Head of Research Methods and Consulting at Ipsos Loyalty where he detected and developed the Wallet Allocation Rule.

Talking Customer Support with Ed Yealu – Support Lead at Hubspot

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Flipping detractors to loyal customers has been Hubspot’s M.O. for the past few years helping them turn into a thriving public company with over 5,000+ employees and 56,600+ customers. In this episode, I sat down with Customer Support Lead at Hubspot, Edmund Yealu, where he touches on the keys to attracting loyal customers, how Hubspot powers the remote workplace, and the importance of being well-versed in every single nuance of your product or service.

Hubspot is a software company headquartered in Cambridge, MA that uses marketing, sales, and service software to optimize and help your business grow without compromise. They focus on building strong company connections, careers, and employee growth by creating a workplace that values flexibility, autonomy, and transparency.

Edmund Yealu is a Remote Customer Support Manager at Hubspot. Prior to his time at Hubspot, Edmund was a Technical Support Manager at Vimeo and Livestream where he managed a team of domestic and remote Technical Support agents and worked with Livestream Account Managers and the in-house production team to support live events.

How can a focus on a community lead to strong CX? Guest Jordan Thibodeau, founder of the Silicon Valley Investors Club explains

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Real estate and investment banking during a financial crisis with the hopes of bringing the community together was once a moonshot. Now, Jordan Thibodeau has grown the Silicon Valley Investors Club to over 5000+ members. Today, I sat down with Jordan to discuss how a focus on a community led to a strong customer experience. He takes us through how developing a community breeds trust between members and he details how trust between members is an integral aspect for scaling your community.

The Silicon Valley Investors Club is a community of technology employees and students who are interested in making smarter financial and career decisions. The group provides a space to engage in discussion about real estate, stocks, angel investing, financial planning, and career success.

Jordan Co-founded the Silicon Valley Investors Club and currently works as an HR professional on Google’s Mergers and Acquisitions team where he partners with lead executives and founders to develop and implement HR strategies. Prior to founding the Investors Club, Jordan was a Volunteer Mentor at Founders Space and the Stanford GSB where he taught classes about core business foundations and growth.

Talking with Anja Jamrozik-Otto PhD in cognitive science and researcher on people experience

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Understanding the psychology between how a company can interact and optimize the way customers interact with their product or service is a core component of customer experience. In this episode, Anja Jamrozik-Otto, who has a PHD in cognitive science, takes us through the science and methodology behind how customers interact with surveys, the way psychology plays a part in discovering personalities, and how certain experiences fostered her relationships and opinions with other companies.

Anja Jamrozik-Otto is a research consultant where she leads long-term research projects and conducts and analyzes customer and market research for clients such as Well Living Lab, Delos, and Breather. Prior to her time as a research consultant, she was the Director of Research at Breather where she directed research to answer key business questions and standardized and automated collection customer feedback to use as structured datasets for analysis.

Luke Alley, VP of Marketing at Avalaunch Media talking CX

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With more and more companies being created and products on online, customer experience has never been more important. Luke Alley, VP of Marketing at Avalaunch Media, sits down and talks with me about how Avalaunch Media has been able to stand out by building relationships, changing the culture, and transitioning to remote working with visuals. Luke provides his thoughts about the future of customer experience and how individual transactions may not be the answer.

Avalaunch Media is a full-service digital marketing agency that is based out of Lehi, Utah. They focus on all facets of digital marketing including SEO, PPC, and content marketing. Avalaunch invests time and resources into their clients and focuses on creating the perfect company culture by meshing a perfect equilibrium of professional and playful.

Luke Alley is the Vice President of Digital Marketing at Avalaunch Media where he oversees the SEO and PPC teams which improve client retention, integrate SEO, PPC, and CRO services, and business development. Prior to his time at Avalaunch Media, he was a professor at BYU teaching Digital Advertising and the President of Get Found First which developed and implemented marketing programs using websites.

Talking to CMO of G2 Ryan Bonnicci – working remote, growing a brand, leading with customer experience

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Building and growing an extremely strong and sustainable marketing team is one of the keys to success when working remote. In this episode, Ryan Bonicci, the CMO of G2, and I discuss the collective marketing strategy that has helped grow a marketing team to over 60+ employees in less than 3 years, how G2 has stood out in the SaaS Spend Management Software field, and the future of customer experience.

G2 is a business to business software and services review platform that is based out of Chicago, Illinois. G2 helps businesses discover, buy, and manage technology to accelerate their business or productivity. To do this, they have created a community of users to share real time reviews about technology so that businesses can buy technology in the same way that consumers buy products based on peer reviews.

Ryan Bonnici is the Chief Marketing Officer at G2 where he brings extensive experience across B2B and B2C marketing and sales development to his marketing team. Prior to time at G2, he was on the Board of Directors at Bring Change to Mind and Woveon where he worked with the founding team and board to accelerate growth of their application. Ryan was most recently ranked #41 on Forbes World’s Most Influential CMOs.

Talking remote work and the modern workplace with Firstbase founder Chris Herd

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Firstbase is a tool made for companies looking to go more remote. As the founder, Chris has first-hand experience in working remotely, consulting with remote-first companies, and helping others navigate joining the remote journey. In this episode, we talk through the benefits and drawbacks of remote-first company and completely shifting to a remote working style. Chris touches on what the future of the modern workplace will look like based on current trends.

Firstbase is a startup headquartered in the Greater New York Area that helps companies succeed by going to the office less often. Firstbase’s platform lets companies supply, finance, and manage all the physical equipment that their remote workers need in a safe, productive way. Some of their specific services in a monthly subscription include: IT installation, deployment of goods, and upgrades at the end of a product life cycle.

Chris Herd is the Founder and CEO at Firstbase. Prior to his time at FirstBase, he founded Nexves, a platform that saves you money while letting you invest and earn more simultaneously through a bank account. He has also spent time at ICE UK ltd, OLIO, and Aiken Group Limited as a Project Engineer and Community Lead.

Talking content and CX with Nico Prins, consultant for Fortune 500 companies

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Nico Prins has consulted with Fortune 500 leaders all over the world on how to generate more visits and revenue through content and customer experience. In this episode, we chat through some tips and tricks on how to make that happen. He explains his three-pronged approach to providing a good customer experience and expands on the importance of face-to-face meetings through applications like CloudApp.

Accelerate Agency is a full-service digital marketing agency headquartered in Bristol, GB that uses data to make better long-term decisions to accelerate your business. They provide consulting and training with companies in Google Analytics Technical SEO, Content Marketing, PR for SEO, Conversion Rate Optimization, and much more.

Nico Prins is the Head of PR and Outreach at Accelerate Agency. Prior to his time at Accelerate Agency, he has been consulting with businesses of all sizes for the past six years. Businesses that he had worked for and consulted with include: YMB Properties, OggaDoon, Discover Your Indonesia, and ERS Corporation. While consulting, he has focused on identifying suitable partners for online product launches, content marketing strategy, and managing clients.

Talking with former lead at Yelp and Dribbble Nicole Warshauer on growth, content, and Disneyland

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Yelp and Dribbble are fantastic brands at creating a community feel and a whole bunch of content. Nicole Warshauer takes us into the front lines of how these things are key for creating an experience and long term loyalty. She stresses the importance of distilling the process down to knowing your customer and their problems to make them feel welcomed. Nicole also takes us through the slow shift towards remote working with Gen-Z and millennials.

Trusted Health is a software company based in San Francisco, CA that focuses on creating resources and support systems to help nurses advance their careers and connect with each other. They have developed a completely digital and automated networking application that allows nurses to view available jobs and opportunities in real time with contract details and pay breakdowns upfront.

Nicole Warshauer is the Head of Community Marketing at Trusted Health. Prior to her time at Trusted Health, she worked at Dribbble where she was the Director of Brand Communications and focused on ensuring a designer-first focus for the Dribbble brand, guided social media, shored up marketing efforts, and shaped content. She was also the Regional Marketing Director in the Greater Chicago Area at Yelp where she hired, trained, and led a team of community managers responsible for user growth and outreach. She also managed contention creation, editorial direction, and assignment for the Yelp Community Blog.

Talking CX with media guru and VP at iHeartMedia Vanessa Wojtusiak

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Content has evolved over the years and become a valuable piece of any brands value proposition. As a VP of Marketing for iHeartMedia, Vanessa Wojtusiak has seen the evolution of media first hand in her career. We talk through best practices for CX and what the future of experience looks like. She takes us through the importance of face to face meetings with local communities when creating a good customer experience. Social Media such as Twitter and Instagram has done a great deal for media giants like iHeartMedia.

iHeartMedia is a global company headquartered in San Antonio, TX that combines America’s favorite radio stations, podcasts, and music together in one mobile application so that people can take their music anywhere, anytime, and free of cost.

Vanessa Wojtusiak is the Vice President of Marketing at iHeartMedia. For more than half of her 17 year career, she built the entire social media strategy for iHeartRadio’s new brand. Prior to her time at iHeartRadio, she worked as a Marketing Assistant and Online Marketing Coordinator for Clear Channel Communications where she assisted the production of large-scale radio events.