Talking with Aubrey Cattell VP of Product at Adobe

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Episode Summary: As the current VPof Product and lead over Adobe Spark, Aubrey has grown a SaaS business within an enterprise company. In this episode, Joe Martin and Aubrey Cattell talk through the DNAof an experince, how to create customer loyalty, and connecting in the modern workplace.

Talking with David Hunt, VP of Customer Support at HubSpot

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Customer Support is on the front lines of a modern workplace. As the lead of a company as respected as HubSpot, David Hunt has learned ways to ensure customer satisfaction.

Today we chat through tips and tricks for engaging with customers and ways to improve satisfaction.

Talking with Forethought leaders Deon Nicholas Founder/CEO and Dan Watkins President

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Forethought has been at the forefront of AI for customer support and has led the race towards automated assistance. Their main service, Agatha, has taken the market by storm and has changed the CX game. Today, I sat down with Deon Nicholas, Co-Founder and CEO of Forethought, and Dan Watkins, President of Forethought, to talk about how Forethought was inevitably going to form, where AI stands in the modern workplace, and why bonding with employees at home is extremely important. We also discuss the keys to success for a remote workplace/workforce and how executives need to protect their customers. Dan takes us through his “War-Time” mindset.

Forethought is an artificial intelligence software company based out of San Francisco, CA that builds AI-powered tools that harness a company’s collective knowledge to empower customer support teams. They have created Agatha, an answer engine for enterprises, which searches a company’s knowledge bases to generate accurate solutions.

Deon Nicholas is the CEO and Co-Founder of Forethought. Prior to his time at Forethought, he was a Software Engineer at Pure Storage where he was part of the team that built FlashBlade, a distributed all-flash file-system. Before Pure Storage, he was a Software Engineer at Dropbox where he was an early member of the Collaboration Team and contributed to the Dropbox Badge. Dan Watkins is the President at Forethought where he directs management of go-to-market, talent, operations, and customer experience. Prior to his time at Forethought, Dan was the VP of Sales at Qualtrics where he had direct oversight and management of multiple organizations such as the Global Research Services and Global Training.

Talking customer loyalty and remote work with Chris Koehler CMO of Box

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Taking beneficial strategies from one large company to another large company helps develop durable marketing teams and betters relationships within the company and with your customer. Today, I sat down with Chris Koehler, CMO at Box, to talk about how the modern workplace is affecting B2B companies the most, how we can leverage technology with the human layover on top, and how data analytics have powered sales support teams. He takes us through how Box went from a healthy office culture to a remote culture in one-week’s span and how video is the new normal for authentic connections.

Box is a cloud content management company based out of Redwood City, CA that empowers enterprises to rethink how they work by securely connecting their people, information, and applications. They focus on protecting sensitive files in the cloud by developing advanced security controls, creating a network of collaboration by making sharing files a stress-free process, and simplifying the workflow by letting anyone automate the repeatable workflows that are key to businesses.

Chris Koehler is the Chief Marketing Officer at Box. Prior to his time at Box, he was the Head to GTM and Product Marketing at Adobe where he drove digital innovation across the Adobe Portfolio. Before Adobe, he was the VP of Product Management at Visual Sciences in which he was responsible for their on-demand and software product lines.

Talking Brand and Experience With Karen Budell, VP at SurveyMonkey

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The modern marketer and brand is quick, nimble, and focused on customer oriented content and interactions. Leaders need to be willing and able to adapt and alter approaches to take advantage of the future. So how can a brand of marketer help influence customer loyalty and investment? On this episode of The DNA of An Experience, Karen Budell, VP of Brand at SurveyMonkey, talks about her life at Google, moving to SurveyMonkey a few weeks before a global pandemic, and how marketing has shifted to community and product. We talk about the benefits and drawbacks of the modern workplace, the inevitable shift towards a more remote workplace, how synchronous and asynchronous tools can help the remote workforce, how she is staying a leader at SurveyMonkey, and what the new normal looks like.

SurveyMonkey is a software company based in San Mateo, CA that has created the world’s leading survey platform enabling curious individuals and companies to have conversations at scale with the people who matter most. They help companies keep a competitive edge by truly understanding the voice of their customers and understanding their wants, needs, and expectations.

Karen Budell is the Vice President of Brand at SurveyMonkey where she leads a talented team responsible for brand design, video, content creation, and customer insights. Prior to her time at SurveyMonkey, Karen was the Head of Digital Customer Experience Strategy at Google where she led research, strategy, and planning to improve the customer experience for large advertisers across digital marketing touchpoints. Before Google, she was the Director of Marketing at Adaptive Insights where she developed content strategy and integrated marketing plans to support leadership and brand awareness.

Talking with Founder/CEO of Commande Tom Uebel on having a customer led company

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Command E is a blazing fast search tool that can lead to instant satisfaction and productivity. As the CEO and Founder, Tom Eubel has learned a lot about creating a product that can provide instant value and reach a wide audience. Today we talk through how he has been able to foster that culture and lead in the modern workplace. We also dig into the exciting new features for Command E.

Command E is a startup based in San Francisco, CA that has created an easy keyboard shortcut to open any document, contact, file, or record from the cloud. The shortcut interacts with over 20 apps that are instantly searchable without digging through tabs or searching multiple systems.

Tom Uebel is the Co-Founder and CEO at Command E. Prior to his time at Command E, Tom was a Software Engineer at First Round Capital where he worked with a small, fast-moving team that built software to support internal First Round Operations and the broader First Round community of 300+ companies. Before First Round Capital, he was a Software Engineer at UniversityNow where he contributed to the cutting edge learning platform, led integration of analytics, and built dashboards to track KPIs.

Guest Emilie Schario from GitLab on remote work and leadership

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GitLab has been the gold standard for remote work since its inception. As a leader at GitLab, Emilie Schario has learned the skills necessary to have success remotely and create the documentation and infrastructure to support growth. In this episode, Emilie and I sit down and talk about the benefits of asynchronous work, the acceleration of remote playbooks, and how GitLab integrates the digital and real workplace to form an effective company.

GitLab is an information technology and services company based out of Tallinn, Estonia that provides software development for mission critical systems. They have developed a premium service optimized for long term relationships that translate to meaningful and sustainable technical and business outcomes.

Emilie Schario is an Internal Strategy Consultant at GitLab where she assists in the creation of Decision-Making Frameworks, identifies procedural gaps in existing workflows, and works to resolve them with optimization, automation, and data, and much more. Prior to her time at Gitlab, Emilie was a Data Analyst at Doist and SmileDirectClub where she aimed to introduce granular data capture to a data-informed organization by gathering, analyzing, and reporting relevant data, patterns, and trends.

Talking with Ram Jambunathan, SVP and Managing Director of

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With 10 + years at SAP leading strategic and go to market teams, Ram Jambunathan has learned what it takes to scale a global enterprise business. He also leads a division focused on accelerating early-stage startups. As an investor in CloudApp, we are excited to talk today both about customer experience and how CloudApp is providing its Pro and Team products to accelerators like to help early-stage startups communicate more effectively. is a venture capital and private equity firm based out of San Francisco, CA. Through their own Fund and Foundries, they support visionary startups that leverage SAP’s data, APIs, and technologies to build products, find customers, and change industries, to ultimately transform the way businesses are run.

Ram Jambunathan is the Senior Vice President and Head of Corporate Strategy at SAP where he leads a team responsible for developing and aligning long-term strategy across SAP organizational areas through a combination of enterprise software and structured problem-solving. As the Managing Director, he is responsible for investing in and accelerating startup innovation. Prior to his time at SAP, he was an independent Strategy Consultant and Co-founded T-Networks.

Talking with Vahagn Sarksyan Head of Marketing at Krisp on the modern workplace

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Krisp is fitting seamlessly into the remote workplace during this time and is changing the way teams interact. In this episode, Vahagn Sarksyan, Head of Marketing at Krisp, and I talk through the characteristics of the modern workplace, how asynchronous tools can help distributed workforces and remote teams during this time, and why an ounce of kindness can change an employee’s day.

Krisp is an artificial intelligence startup based out of the Greater San Francisco Area. Krisp’s AI-powered noise canceling technology recognizes and removes background noise in calls in real-time, leaving only a clean human voice.

Vahgan Sarksyan is the Marketing Director at Krisp. Prior to his time at Krisp, he was the Head of Marketing at Snapptripp and the Marketing Director at Noavaran Tahghigh in Tehran, Iran.

Talking with Daniel Debow, VP at Shopify, on the modern workplace and leadership

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With online retail and e-commerce platforms skyrocketing in our modern workplace, Shopify has mastered the way to empower entrepreneurs and make commerce better for everybody. In this episode, I talk with Daniel Debow, the Vice President at Shopify, where we discuss the future of the modern workplace, how remote-working has changed the hiring race, and the work life balance.

Shopify is a omni-channel commerce platform that is based out of Ottawa, ON. They have created a platform where business owners can design, set up, and manage their stores across multiple sales channels, including websites, social media, and marketplaces.

Daniel Debow is the Vice President of Commercial Operations at Shopify. Prior to his time at Shopify, he was the CEO and Co-Founder of which was later acquired by Shopify. He is an ex-Senior Vice President at Salesforce where he focused on bringing new technology into the mainstream.