CloudApp's Top 10 Blog Posts of 2017

Olivia Clyde

We here at CloudApp believe in looking back on the good times. (Just read the office Slack thread “Reminiscing in Real Time.") Because this past year was brim with exciting news and CloudApp features, this article reviews our Top 10 blog posts of 2017!

We dedicate this post to our readers, curious to learn and improve, as was evident in the topics visited most by you

The posts are grouped into three prominent categories to help to shape CloudApp content goals for 2018. All this so that in a new year of new content, we might find a new why

Check them out below! 

Mastering Tools

Cheers to wielding the tools available to us! It loos like readers have been curious to get the most out their CloudApp usage: 

1. How to Use CloudApp like A Pro  
Get the scoop from Kat Kozlowski on popular shortcuts for screen recordings, sharing content more fluidly, and more!

2. 7 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do with CloudApp

Pssst…. CloudApp has more tricks up its sleeve than readers and users knew. Secret’s out!

3. Introducing the New CloudApp for Mac and Recent Funding

2017 meant a lot of  changes for CloudApp and its accelerating product. More funding, integrations and workflows, Annotate features, and more!

4. Embed any of your CloudApp content

Many believe that presentation is everything, so CloudApp unveiled its widely-popular Embed feature! Now you can smoothly incorporate video content like recordings and GIFs into any medium. Congrats.  

Best Communication Practices

Surprise, surprise…. interest in upping the quality of communication was big for our readers. Regardless of industry, interacting with other people is important and happens often. Bravo to readers who checked out these 3 posts for how to improve it!

1. Bridging the Gap Transition to Remote Engineering

CloudApp’s engineering team has seen some big changes within the last year, including the crossover to remote work. Alex Gainer, head of CloudApp's engineering team, shares advice and lessons learned for pulling off such a feat. Hint: preserving effective, clear communication is one of the most important things on his list... 

2. How We Work: Intercom

Content Marketing manager Geoffrey Keating gives his two cents about the future of organized communication. Geoffrey is an avid fan of simple idea exchange. The mantra “show, don’t tell,” reminds his team to use visual images and annotated screenshots for effective communication.

3. How We Work: Cloud Elements

Josh Wyse, Senior software developer at Cloud Elements, knows that building and pushing code involves plenty of feedback and revising, so his team inserts GIFs and marked up screenshots into pull requests to demonstrate changes. If fewer tools doesn’t speed up communication, we don’t know what would!  

Saving Time

Our readers know that doing all the things faster means accomplishing more with the time they’ve saved! There’s only 24 hours in a day, and those 24 just got a lot better.

1. How to Fix Bugs Faster in Trello with the CloudApp Power Up

Readers were eager to learn what a Trello-CloudApp fusion could mean for bug fixing! Developer communication that is tightly organized and involves visuals helps them resolve code errors sooner. Learn how incorporating slick visuals into Trello boards can keep developers coming back for more fun.

2. Making a Comeback from a Failed Upload

Know that rewarding feeling of tossing a handwritten, postmarked letter in the mailbox? Only to have that letter returned a week letter with a big “RETURN TO SENDER” stamped across the top of it? Hashtag deflating!  When ready to record, “Failed Upload” is the last thing you want to read. CloudApp to the rescue! 

3. Shortcuts for windows

People often have “their own way of doing things.” CloudApp knew that was also the case for Windows users. Customize every part of your content process with the “shortcuts” tab for Windows! Step up your recording game for Windows, all possible through the Recordings tab. Alter the quality, compression, location, and display of your videos!

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