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CloudApp's New Collections feature for Organized Teams

Calling all teams!

CloudApp's latest product webinar introduces its latest feature, Collections! It's the robust organization feature that lets you organize, search, arrange, and share your rich media capture.

Watch the demo below!


Organization for teams

When it comes to communication, building products, and satisfying customers, teams are more effective when they work together. As they build upon each other’s ideas to create better outcomes, there is plenty of overlap in the resources that they reference and use to share ideas.

So long, sifting through heaps of files aimlessly!

Thanks to users like you, Collections has been made a reality. Gustavo Robles and other CloudApp engineers have been building out your request, all the while excited to see what is still in store for Collections as it moves towards intelligent communication!

Ways to get started with Collections include:

-Create a Collection in order to group files or drops 
-Add new files to your collection, or drag in existing ones.
-Share the love! Grant others access to your new Collection!

This secret weapon for organization will transform your team's communication.

Stay tuned to find out which features come next for Collections!

Work at the speed of sight!


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