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CloudApp: The Productivity Swiss Army Knife

Call us old fashioned, but we love Swiss Army Knives. We’re big fans of any tool that can do it all. What’s better than having scissors, a bottle opener and a screwdriver all in one place? Absolutely nothing. How else can we fix the drawer, open the Amazon box and have a beer at the same time?

However, when it comes to all the best digital tools in one place, we couldn’t help but notice that we’re that digital Swiss Army Knife. From screenshots to video, custom links and annotation – there is simply no reason to hop from tool to tool (and make your project harder) when you can do it all within CloudApp. Don’t believe us?

Here’s a rundown of some of the most popular tools you may be switching between and what you can get done all in one spot with CloudApp.

CloudApp andDropbox

For years Dropbox has been the go-to host for content, large files and even video sharing. And we are the first one to use their services. But for some use cases, there’s no need to switch between CloudApp and Dropbox to simply host and share content. With CloudApp you can collaborate on projects and host content that can be easily shared afterwards. By pasting a link in Slack, your content will automatically unfurl and be seen by everyone. You can also secure access to your content by adding a password or an expiration date.

CloudApp Instead of YouTube

…or Vimeo. Did you just record a video and can’t wait to share it with your team or customer? But then realize that your file is too heavy to send by email or message? You can skip the extra step of having to upload your video to a 3rd party platform. When you record a video with CloudApp, a link to your recording is automatically saved to your clipboard which means all you have to do is drag & drop the video in an email or support platform to share. You can also password protect each link so only the people you want watching the video see it – and for only as long as you want them to have access, thanks to CloudApp custom privacy settings.

CloudApp Instead of WeTransfer

WeTransfer is practically synonymous with the words “huge file transfer ahead.” But if you’re a CloudApp user, transferring large files is a cinch. Each file, regardless of size gets its own link that makes it a breeze to simply paste into an email or support platform and send. From audio files, documents, code snippets, customer support and ZIP archives – we send them all. No more bracing yourself against those three dreaded words: file too large.

CloudApp Instead of Bitly

We love Bitly just as much as we love Twitter (it’s hard to think of one without the other) but when it comes to creating custom and shortened links, CloudApp does it all. Simply shorten and customize any link within CloudApp and send. It’s as easy as a drag & drop! You won’t have to jump between tools just for an easy-to-remember link again.

CloudApp Instead of Skitch (Evernote)

It’s no secret that annotation tools save time and can quickly (and visually) point your customer or colleague in the right direction. But taking a screenshot with one app and then annotating it with another just wastes time. With CloudApp Annotate you can markup any screenshot with just one click, without having to switch tools. Simply snap, annotate and send.

CloudApp Instead of Jing, Snagit or Shutter

Screenshot not going to cut it? Need a screen recording or a GIF instead? Instead of hopping over to Jing or another screen recorder, it’s easy to do everything you want with CloudApp. Not only does using CloudApp consolidate time spent on multiple tools, but our customers tell us “I use to use Snagit, but I think this one (CloudApp) is much easier and faster.” If you’re a Jing or Snagit user and looking for a faster alternative, check out CloudApp..

If you’re already a CloudApp user – did you realize just how many tools you have consolidated into one hyper-productive tool? You might learn more by watching our short video for pro tips. If you’re new to CloudApp, and sick of bouncing between tools, paying for extras or having 14 screens up at once and slowing you down, here’s how to grab our digital “Swiss Army Knife” for free.

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