When One Door Closes, a 'Windows' Feature Opens

Olivia Clyde

CloudApp is all about productivity hacks that simultaneously better a process. So, the following feature updates should come as no surprise...

Read below to learn what new tricks are available on various tabs within the Windows app!

Short and sweet: the Shortcuts tab

To begin, click into settings in the Windows App. From there, select the “shortcuts” tab. Here, you can create customized shortcuts for screen recordings!

Type in whatever sequence of keys you prefer for starting, pausing, and resuming your recording.

Want to go back to original shortcuts? Simply hit “Restore Defaults,” and the original shortcuts are re-entered into the appropriate fields.

Customize your recording process.

These days, people have become pro at documenting a lot of trivial things in life. But when it comes to more complex things like digital processes multiple steps, tasks, programs, etc, it's suddenly no longer second nature. How does one easily guide someone through an intricate digital process by the hand?

Newsflash! Thanks to the new CloudApp screen recording feature for Windows, anyone can.

Rev up recordings, keep viewers engaged

Now after clicking into the "Recording" tab, you can change up a few of the following things:

-Check the box to enable Hardware Acceleration.

-Process graphics on your graphics card. This lets you enjoy higher quality video for your recordings free up memory space on your hard drive.

-Easily adjust the amount of quality for your video, as well as the frequency in Frames Per Second (FPS).

-Specify the amount of compression with your videos.

-Display different objects such as mouse cursor, mouse clicks, and keyboard strokes! This option is especially helpful more making tutorial recordings as thorough as possible.

Lights.......camera....... RECORDING!

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