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WOW! What an event, thank you for those in our 4 million + community who were able to attend CloudApp Remote today. It was great to chat with all of you, share some great features, and talk about the future of CloudApp.

In case you missed it. Here is a recap of what Scott , Joe, and our Product team shared.

General Session: Scott Smith CEO

Last year was messy, but we were amazed at how you all came together to use CloudApp to make the transition to remote work easier. We heard customers who were able to close deals faster and improve customer satisfaction rates.

You all used CloudApp to skip meetings and connect without the need for another Zoom call. Even here at CloudApp, we used the product to launch a new logo in 5 days without a single synchronous meeting.

The world is changing and we will be there along for the ride with you.

2020 Recap

Video Annotations: add more context in your videos and GIFs with video annotations
Buttons: highlight what action you want people to take with buttons on your CloudApp links. Book a meeting, or send to more information quicker with these quick buttons.
Deeper collaboration: Have a comment to a video or screenshot? Now you can do it within the CloudApp that was sent to you.

Whats new for 2021


For our Enterprise customers, SOC2 compliance provides the added security and privacy you would expect from CloudApp. We are proud to say we have added that for enterprise accounts.



With our latest integration, you can now watch CloudApp videos directly in Slack! No more having to link out or just see a preview. Its available NOW.



With this integration you can now watch CloudApp videos directly in Jira and Confluence! No more having to link out or just see a preview. Its available NOW.



Instant video , quicker flows, faster communication. You can now expect even faster speeds to getting your videos where they need to be.


Andrew, Phin, and Savannah tips and tricks

Our product team shared tips and tricks to help you with some of our more powerful features and also some things you may not have known about.

Closing keynote

Joe Martin, VP of Marketing at CloudApp shared the Remote worker bill of rights, ways to help you connect better with yourself and your team in a remote and modern workplace.

To see the full recording, check it out here