CloudApp Productivity Tip: Add images to your Trello cards in 5 seconds

Emilie Johnston

Justin Veenema works on Community and Growth at BlockCAT, a blockchain startup. He has a small team and wears many hats.  Although he works in the same office as most of his teammates, they communicate almost exclusively online using Slack, Google Docs and Trello.

More recently, Justin began designing UX and app design for BlockCat.  He is wow’d by CloudApp’s ability to share mockups with his team and get instant feedback. Learn how Justin speeds up his product feedback loop with CloudApp.

Justin’s trick

‘By utilizing CloudApp, Alfred and Trello, I'm able to embed UX updates into project cards way faster than I ever could before.’

‍– Justin Veenema, BlockCAT


If you want to be able to do the same, here is how he did it.

Time saved:

CloudApp allows me to quickly share visual mockups with my team and get feedback almost instantly. In a way, CloudApp is actually helping me shift my career in a brand new direction, which is super exciting.”  

– Justin Veenema, BlockCAT

Workflow before this trick:

Take Screenshot -> Open Trello -> Upload Screenshot to card -> Right-click image -> copy image URL -> paste in image short-code -> paste in URL -> Image Embedded in Card

Workflow after this trick:

Take Screenshot -> Open Trello -> Run "Trello Image" shortcut -> Image Embedded in Card

Justin estimates he saves 30 seconds for every visual he pastes in Trello. It's 30 seconds on top of already being able to record quick GIFs and videos with CloudApp.

If this trick is too advanced for what you are trying to do, you can use our Trello integration.

Note: You can’t automatically see the links you are pasting like Justin does, but you can quickly go through your recent CloudApp drops to add them as attachments.

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