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CloudApp Your Interview Contest

Interviewing During Corona Virus

With the bedlam, stress, and uncertainty that has come with the Coronavirus pandemic, we have opted to make our CloudApp My Interview resources a bit more interactive, a bit more fun, and a bit more useful by making it into a contest.

With so many individuals finding themselves thrown suddenly into the job search process (and then finding that this process has been radically shifted by the interference of Covid-19) CloudApp is anxious to provide you with both motivation and additional resources for upping your interview and resume game.

The following contest will not only help you in practicing and developing your digital interviewing skills – it will also provide you with 25% off an annual premium CloudApp subscription. Additionally, the submissions will be evaluated based off of the following criteria, and the winner will receive $250 towards resume consultation services.

Contest Details


Entering the Contest

In order to enter the contest, participants must:

1. Use CloudApp to record an answer to one the following prompts:

  • “Tell me about yourself.”
  • A “Tell me about a time” question.
  • A “5 W” question.

2. Share the response on their LinkedIn or Twitter profile.

3. Submit the videos in a response form at

Prizes and Awards

  1. All participants who submit the aforementioned content will be awarded a 25% discount on an annual Premium CloudApp subscription.
  2. In addition to receiving this discount, participants’ entrees will also be evaluated for the opportunity to receive an award of $250 USD toward resume consultation services.

Evaluation Metrics

Your video responses will be evaluated based off of the following:

  • Completion (record with CloudApp, ask for feedback on social media, tag CloudApp)
  • Presentation (eyebrows, hands, appearance)
  • Story-telling (beginning, middle, and end)

To learn more about the contest and our job search resources, check out our companion articles,

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Get Started Now!

We hope that this contest might be a happy motivator for you as you move forward in your interviewing and job search process. CloudApp has been a powerful tool for us and we are thrilled to share this resource with you during these difficult times. Best of luck with the contest and please feel free to reach out to us soon!

Get started now by downloading CloudApp and taking your first video.