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CloudApp for Customer Support

Support teams are usually the first CloudApp power users at any company. Why? Because they are in direct communication with customers and often spend their time typing out long-winded responses explaining product functionalities. As you continue to grow and scale, making the most of your support team’s time is very important and dependent upon their success.

So, here are a few tips:

1. Make your tickets visual with our Zendesk Integration

Did you know you can insert your CloudApp recordings, GIFs, and annotations directly into a Zendesk ticket? Just enable the CloudApp App in Zendesk, and you'll be able to instantly answer questions better with visuals. We've made a quick guide on how to enable it for you over on our Help Center. drag and drop directly into any Zendesk ticket responses? This is a great way to make your responses to customers more visual immediately within the ticket.

2. Make your point clear

Don’t waste any words—cut to the chase by pointing, drawing, and directing your customers to what you need to show them, all while keeping private information private. Now with our new annotation shortcut, take advantage of command+shift+a to open an annotation screen immediately after a screenshot. You can read more about annotations on our Help Center.

3. Explain a feature or answer a question with a How-To GIF

As easy as a screenshot but even more helpful! GIFS can allow you to show step by step the exact function you want to explain.

4. WebCam Video

Keep your communication personal by adding a closing video, you can make support more human!

If you have any questions or want to sign up for a free trial, feel free to write to us at support@getcloudapp.com.

You can also get started with CloudApp by creating a free CloudApp account today.

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