Audio recording now available on the CloudApp Mac App

Jason Toy

Whats new today for the CloudApp Mac app?

First, in the release today you will find an all new ability to record your voice and share the audio recording via Slack, Email, Messaging, Zapier and many other integrations.

The ability to add a quick audio note provides the opportunity to enhance an annotated image, talk to a report or request, improve a sales pitch, or personalize a customer message with just your voice.

Get Started!

  1. Open up your CloudApp Mac app
  2. Install update
  3. Click the more menu in the capture tool bar
  4. Select Record Audio
  5. Record how much you love CloudApp
  6. Share your recording with us on Twitter and Facebook and the #GetCloudApp community

Why Audio?

Adding audio provides another medium for you to connect with your customers, internal developers, marketers, and designers. If you want to skip video and its benefits, but still add a personalized message to a drop, recording, or email give audio recording a try.

Try it out today

We continue to evolve the CloudApp offering to help you improve your customers experience, increase your productivity, and connect you better in an active video messaging world. Some other minor features you might notice:

  • Add to your favorites right from the desktop annotation view.

AND for your friends when you add them to the CloudApp community,

  • Added on-boarding steps to help new users with videos, GIFs, and other features.

Connect with us on Twitter and Facebook and tell us what you would love to see next from CloudApp to enhance your customer's experience and your individual or team productivity.

Get in front of the competition and improve customer experience with visual communication. Try CloudApp for free.

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