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cloudapp announces series a funding

Announcing CloudApp’s $9.3M Series A Fundraising Round

Today, we’re announcing our $9.3M Series A fundraising round, led by our good friends at Grayhawk Capital and Nordic Eye.

Hey there! If this is your first time hearing about CloudApp, we make workplace communication happen visually. 

Instead of writing out a long email, or jumping on a quick call, you just capture a video message of your face & screen and send it as a link. Think of CloudApp as a video voicemail: something your colleague, customer, or client can quickly watch whenever they have a moment, rather than trying to line up schedules.

As many of us know, working remotely is great. But it can also suck.

We love the flexibility to work in our sweatpants (or pajamas) from home, or explore a different part of the world without blocking off weeks worth of PTO.

What we don’t like is the new pandemic created by the remote workplace: the nauseating, never ending stream of Zoom calls, Slack messages, and emails. The workplace changed quicker than we ever imagined it would. 

That’s why we created CloudApp, which I believe is a must-have tool in every workplace, so that businesses can bridge communication gaps, and people can be people. CloudApp lets you create simple, shareable, interactive videos to communicate their message.

Today, we’re announcing our $9.3M Series A fundraising round, led by our good friends at Grayhawk Capital and Nordic Eye. The round will also include some input from some of our previous investors: Kickstart Seed Fund, Cervin Ventures, New Ground Ventures, Bloomberg Beta, and new investors Peninsula Ventures & Forward VC. 

It’s also been amazing to bring on two of our existing customers as new investors in this round — Peter Kazanjy, CRO of Atrium, and Derek Andersen, CEO of Startup Grind and Bevy. You don’t just have to take my word for it: our customers are becoming raving fans.

This fundraising round is a testament to the tireless work of our team, and the commitment to the vision we’ve built with the CloudApp platform. This injection of capital from our experienced investor network will help us invest more deeply into our customers, their needs, and to continue to make CloudApp the best solution: one that is deeply-integrated, secure, and fast. 

Imagine if you never had to schedule another call or write another email! It’s not as crazy as you might think.

Thanks to our customers, investors, and you reading this, CloudApp is one step closer to our goal: helping every work team share information faster, no matter where they’re working from.

The best part? With this new funding, I’m excited to bring on new talent to our all-star team. If you’re interested in working for CloudApp, I encourage you to view our job opportunities.