Bridging the Gap Between Digital Nomads and Businesses One Screen Recording at a Time!

Joe Martin

The notion of going to a physical work space and clocking in and out is unbeknownst to many in today’s society as the increase of “digital nomads” has refined how and where we work in the 21st century. The amount of individuals working remote has skyrocketed in recent years, with many stating that remote work will surpass fixed work locations in the near future. Remote work has a plethora of benefits for both parties - employer and employee. Due to the astronomical increase in employees and businesses alike embarking on the remote work option,bridging the connection between individuals in different locations has been a priority within the space.

During the rise of remote work, email was still the most prevalent form of communication between the employee and the employer. Today, the ability to seamlessly interact with others, no matter their distance between, has been made easier. Video calls yielded a simplistic approach to interacting with one another and that ability has only progressed.Screen sharing revealed itself as a way to show one’s work, give a run-through/presentation, or share tasks in a visual manner to avoid any discrepancies. To further enhance this, screen recording has made it easy to presen twork in a simplistic manner. How could it possibly become easier to manage employees, productivity, and workflow? A seamless integration of these abilities has helped in the success of digital nomads and the trust businesses can put forth into them.

CloudApp supports those who choose to work away from a physical location and has onboarded many individuals who reside miles away from HQ. The screen recording/sharing allows for that seamless integration aforementioned to be completed.Tools known throughout the digital world, such as Slack  (a messaging service typically catering to teams within a business) have also integrated the tools provided by CloudApp to make communicating through a screen significantly more impactful. CloudApp’s integration with Slack allows for recordings, GIFs, and sharing to be shared instantaneously; there is no need to wait for a file to upload.

Why are more people opting for working remote and why are businesses so onboard?

Needless to say, there are an abundance of stigmas that float around our world on a daily basis. When it comes to working remote, there is no exception. Remote work was not a viable option in earlier years as employers couldn’t figure out how to truly measure the work those away from the physical location were doing. Employers also worried about potential disconnects between the business and those working remote. How committed and engulfed in the business are they if they aren’t physically committed in anyway?

While businesses have felt a disconnect between remote workers and the business, it has gone both ways. Remote workers play a pivotal in the business and the work that goes into further generating growth and profit. Despite any suggestions that remote users aren’t in tuned with the business they work for, they are actually extremely dedicated and consistently work to understand from the outside in. Finding and adapting to new ways to further reinforce their involvement is a win for remote workers.

What is in it for the workers? We here it all the time - hustle,hustle, hustle. Work 20 hour days. Dedicate your life (and your soul) to your work and THAT is how you will succeed. While there is no argument that hard work does lead to success, the notion of working away until you burn out is fading. Mental awareness and balance play a critical role in the productivity,development, and happiness of individuals; more and more people are leaning towards a lifestyle that supports a proper work-life balance. The ability to be a digital nomad and work from wherever you choose to be in the world allows for individuals to simultaneously experience work and other important elements of life.

What is in it for the business? What’s another thing we hear frequently? Happy workers are loyal workers. Business owners and workers alike know this all too well. Workers who feel more at ease and comfortable when it comes to their work and those within it are more likely to engage with the business more so than those whose only positive notion of their work is the paychecks they receive. Elated workers are also more loyal to the company and tend to stay long-term which is a huge win for a business. This means fewer needs to hire which can be costly and time-consuming. Remote workers typically achieve a high level of work-life balance which attributes to less stress, in turn, more productive and eager workers for businesses!

How are remote workers connecting to the business?

As previously mentioned, a huge contingency that made people weary about remote workers was, “if I can’t see them, how do I know they are ACTUALLY working?”

Of course, as a company who works with a plethora of remote workers we know this thought process all too well.Businesses shouldn’t feel as if they cannot trust their workers and remote workers shouldn’t feel as if they aren’t an integral part of the team.Integrating ways to communicate as close to face-to-face as possible has allowed for this contingency to be shut down.

Screen recording is a tool utilized by many.When a majority of people hear the term, many migrate to the thought of gamers or influencers using this function to engage with their audience whilst simultaneously presenting them with a much larger picture. This functionality has allowed for these individuals to show two different aspects of what they are presenting at the same time.

Yes, this tool helps gamers and influencers, but let’s get back to how it aids in bridging the connection between remote workers and the business. Screen recording via CloudApp, which can easily be utilized via Mac, iOS, and Chrome has two key benefits: the ability to engage in a more personable manner between two individuals and sharing process of work, key points with a team that can be referred back to.

Screen recording makes the process of reviewing, delegating, and presenting more interactive. Employers and team members alike can see what the remote worker is doing and be a part of the entire process as opposed to just the end result. Video recordings via CloudApp are saved and stored to the cloud, ergo, if something is missed, the files remain in existence and can be referred back to.

Away from the computer, enjoying all the wonders the world has to offer? Not a problem! Screen recording can be done in real time or recorded in advance. If there is a project or task that a remote worker needs to share with the team/employers, they can upload it via platforms such as Slack or created as a simple link - no need to upload (and wait through those painful file upload times) for others to view and refer back to. The creation of videos and GIFs allows for explanations to be done faster, the ability for others to screenshot important points on their Mac/viewingdevices, a more interactive way to present, and a tangible link that can be kept (within a desirable time frame) and referenced back to. Long gone are the days when you are left trying to explain a process over email or phone without being able to visually show key points!

With so many tools available, what’s the outlook of remote work in the next 10 years?

Younger generations are fluent when it comes to digital means, with a majority of them feel extremely comfortable utilizing digital streams to do a job. According to we work remotely, experts predict that Gen Z will take over 36% of the workforce by 2020, most of which will utilize digital tools and technology in their line of work. Forbes states that remote work attributes for at least 50% of the U.S. population and this number is expected to rise as the digital generations age and adapt to the work field.

These trends are prevalent and we continue to see them on a daily basis. Catering to the new wave of how we work is imperative for growing a healthy working class society contingent on balance,contentment, productivity, and overall quality. We continue to move and expand at such a rapid pace, keeping up and continuing to provide for the new norm is essential.

We thrive on knowing we are helping to shape the way work is shifting currently and the near future and our continuous growth allows us to better serve consumers, workers, and businesses, alike.What once took hours of frustrating back and forth emails and detailed calls that couldn’t get the message across has now become a simplistic and professional way to communicate from others no matter where you choose to be in wonderful world. The projection of new technology and digital enhancements continues to change the way we do things for the better, prioritizing the individuals, their well being, and the lifestyle they choose to live. The 21st century is time of adaption, introduction, advancement, and awareness and what the future holds in the digital world seems endless.








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