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New Features: Announcing Video Annotations for Mac – and More

Highlight information as you record videos with CloudApp’s new Video Annotation tool! Record faster, easier than ever.

Markups available with Video Annotations






*All with any color and duration!

A cursor hovering over each of annotation options.

What do I use it for?

With video annotations, you can use Arrow, Circle, Rectangle, Pen, and Highlighter tools to clearly illustrate, emphasize, or highlight information as you record. Change how long your annotation lasts to match your pace – so your arrows, highlights, etc. can last an eternity or disappear after one second. Spend less effort explaining and save more time!

A user experiments with the new video annotations.

How do I get this feature?

The video annotations feature is a premium feature that is automatically enabled with all Pro, Team, and Enterprise accounts. If you are on a Free account and would like to access these features, you can upgrade your account here.

Other Fun Updates

More Font Options

Now that we’ve made your colors customizable and easily accessible with the last update, you can now select from limitless fonts at the click of the button! With these two features together, you can create truly custom content unique to your brand and message. Happy creating!

Custom Text Alignment

Make your text annotations cleaner with custom alignment options! Choose between left align, right align, and center align to match the theme and shape of your content.

Interface refresh!

Think outside the box!

We’ve moved all your actions within easy reach at the top and letting more space for your content. The window is also now resizeable to let you work the way you want to.

Make sure you download the most recent version of CloudApp to see these neat new features!

Tune in next time

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