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New Integration: Basecamp Project Management & Team Communication Software

Whether you’re running a fledgling startup or a large-scale corporation, the one thing that can have the greatest impact on your business is your ability to stay organized and be productive. But, this is also the one thing management teams struggle with the most.

Managers create makeshift systems out of old tools and try to tailor them to the needs of their growing organizations.

They create endless streams of word documents, run repetitive meetings, send countless emails, and implement the same disorganized cloud structure as they did on their legacy platforms.

All of these systems only serve to bog down productivity and inevitably lead to frustrated team members, missed deadlines, and upset customers.

Thankfully, the team at Basecamp has designed a simple and streamlined solution to tackle all of this chaos.

Basecamp is an all-in-one organizational tool that brings together everything your company needs to be productive in one single, straightforward package.

Companies can schedule client work, manage projects, access important files and focus their communication all in an easy to use platform.

And now with CloudApp, we are helping Basecamp users take their organization and communication skills to a whole new level.


Work Smarter, Communicate Better

Basecamp allows teams to work smarter while CloudApp helps teams communicate better and with more efficiency.

Users can now create engaging visuals with detailed instructions to easily exchange important information with the people who need it the most.

Basecamp has now implemented CloudApp on their own platform to better support their teams.

Using videos and instructional GIFs, Basecamp has drastically sped up their own client on-boarding process and helped to simplify their project workflows.

Two great platforms coming together to make work, a lot less like work.


How Basecamp works with CloudApp

Record your screen:

Communicate complex concepts and build a more efficient and enjoyable workplace with visual messaging.

Edit and Annotate:

Easily capture and annotate visual content in seconds. Get your point across faster with arrows, boxes and more. Spend less time typing and more time doing.

Add visuals directly into Basecamp Tasks:

Supercharge your Basecamp experience with CloudApp. Capture a recording or a screenshot and CloudApp will automatically create shareable links for you to drag and drop right into your team’s tasks.

Basecamp/CloudApp Inspirations:

  • Screen record a solution to a technical challenge
  • Screen capture and annotate key changes to designs
  • Help your team work better together with engaging visuals for them to follow
  • Duplicate and record technical issues to pass on to development teams
  • Create important visuals for your team communications so everyone stays on track
  • Capture visual reminders to give your tasks references and clarity


Get Started with Asana and CloudApp:

  1. Download and install CloudApp on your Windows PC or Mac
  2. Quickly Signup to create your free CloudApp account
  3. Try capturing a recording or a screenshot and CloudApp will automatically create a sharable link.
  4. Then simply copy and paste the link or drag and drop it right into a Basecamp task!
  5. Check out our Help Center for tips and tricks and to find everything you need to get started.