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Jason Toy

Jason has led multiple startups with his technical prowess. He is currently the CTO of CloudApp

4 Ways Managers can Train More Effectively

Managing a team is daunting. However, when it comes to training teams, nearly 75% of managers are unhappy because the training offered didn’t accomplish goals. Yet offering opportunities for employees

Developing Key Talent In New Employees

Any company that wants to succeed in the new digital economy can do so by focusing on its most valuable assets—employees. Talent development involves strategically developing new and old employees’

5 Ways Customer Service Finds Your Fans

It’s not enough to convince current customers to return to your website or purchase more products from you. To scale your business, you must leverage customer service to transform customers

CS Data: Track Customers and Demographics

Customer support data and metrics allow businesses to monitor their customer service efforts in an on-demand and multi-platform world. Tracking standard metrics for customer support enables a company to allocate

6 Reasons Customer Support Ops Works

Is your customer support team juggling between delivering exceptional customer experience, keeping the team morale high, and balancing efficiency, all within a tight budget? Then what’s missing in your customer

CS Ops Specialist’s 101

A CS Ops Specialist is a customer success role. Their duties include coaching or training customer service representatives to provide excellent customer support or improve customer experience. Other responsibilities include

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