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Jason Toy

Jason has led multiple startups with his technical prowess. He is currently the CTO of CloudApp

5 Ways Support Teams Can Use Video Messaging in 2022

Video messaging has become incredibly popular in recent years. It’s not surprising. There are so many benefits to this form of communication, speed and clarity chief among them. Has your

7 Ways to Retain New Customers

Often, companies view customer retention as a metric, losing sight of what’s important: their customers. Keeping current customers can indeed affect your revenue positively—research shows that improving customer retention rates by

3 Threats to Customer Satisfaction (And 3 Solutions)

Customer satisfaction affects your company’s revenue significantly. Conversely, low levels of customer satisfaction mean your customer retention rates are also low. Research by Esteban Kolsky found that only one out of

10 Best Google Phone Shortcuts in 2022

Shortcuts are some of tech’s best treasures. Nothing is more satisfying than finding quick ways to get stuff done on your Google phone. Google loves sneaking shortcuts and time-savers into

5 Strategies to Retain Customers

For those who work in sales, their top priority is to find new ways to improve revenue. To do that, they must sell more, which ultimately means they need more

10 Best Apple Phone Shortcuts in 2022

Even though you might forget the pre-installed Shortcut app on your Apple phone, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with this brilliant addition. From complicated tasks to widgets, shortcuts allow you

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