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Chad Horenfeldt

I have over 20 years experience serving customers and it was time to start sharing what I’ve learned. My days are currently spent leading the Customer Success team at Kustomer. Prior to Kustomer I’ve led Customer Success teams at Updater, Bluecore, Influitive and Eloqua. The rest of my time is spent with my family.

How Customer Success Should Be Involved in Product Launches

The word for the week in Customer Success is "stickiness." How do you get a CS team and Product to work together to on product launches to engage and retain customers?

What Is Success?

How do you define success? Jason Toy, our Chief Product Officer, shares his definition for individuals and groups.

Why Screen Capture Software Is Where It’s At

Digitally speaking, any image or video captured from your screen is a potential opportunity to convey a complex message or an idea. That’s when a screen capture software featuring multiple video and recording tools comes in handy.

How to Collaborate: Product Marketing and Customer Success

If companies want to take advantage of the full benefits of Customer Success beyond just renewals, there needs to be more hands on deck.

How imFORZA Uses CloudApp to Save Its Employees Hundreds of Hours

CloudApp has saved our team hundreds of hours of time in our marketing, sales, service, project management, and training efforts.

How to Send A Video Through Email

We invented CloudApp so you never have to get the "File too large" notification again.

Over 4 million people use CloudApp's
screen recording software.

Work faster.