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New Integration: Asana Project Management & Task Tracking App

Attempting to balance your business, projects, teams, and time can be…. a bit overwhelming. Before you know it, things can get off track.

It’s no wonder most Americans find work to be their highest stressor.

Thankfully there’s Asana to save us from our organizational woes.

Asana brings clarity and structure to your projects and gives your team the tools they need to make their work successful.

Easily map out your team’s to-dos, organize your project details and communicate efficiently so everyone stays on task and on time.

And now with CloudApp, you can communicate with your team even better!

“Show, don’t tell.”

Avoid painful miscommunications and costly delays by communicating effectively and efficiently.

Easily create and embed visuals right into Asana that allow your team to see exactly what they need to get their projects done right the first time.


How Asana works with CloudApp

Record your screen:

Communicate complex concepts and build a more efficient and enjoyable workplace with visual messaging.

Edit and Annotate:

Easily capture and annotate visual content in seconds. Get your point across faster with arrows, boxes, and more. Spend less time typing and more time doing.

Add visuals directly into Asana Tasks:

Supercharge your Asana experience with CloudApp. Capture a recording or a screenshot and CloudApp will automatically create shareable links for you to drag and drop right in to your team’s tasks.

Asana/CloudApp Inspirations:

  • Screen record a solution to a technical challenge
  • Screen capture and annotate key changes to designs
  • Help your team work better together with engaging visuals for them to follow
  • Duplicate and record technical issues to pass on to development teams
  • Create important visuals to your team communications so everyone stays on track
  • Capture visual reminders to give your tasks references and clarity


Get Started with Asana and CloudApp:

  1. Download and install CloudApp on your Windows PC or Mac
  2. Signup to create your free CloudApp account
  3. Capture a screen recording or take a screenshot and CloudApp will automatically create a sharable link.
  1. Then simply copy and paste the link or drag and drop it right into an Asana task!
  1. Check out our Help Center for tips and tricks and to find everything you need to get started.