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Features You Didn't Know CloudApp Could Do

9 Features You Didn't Know CloudApp Could Do

CloudApp is the go-to tool to improve workflow in the information age. It is the best screenshot and screen recorder app on the market. You capture content and instantly share it with a link.

You probably know the basics: how to annotate your images, create a GIF, upload files, or maybe even how to create buttons for your content. 

But CloudApp can do so much more, and we want to cut your 2021 workflow in half. So here are some tips for features you didn’t know existed but we’re sure you’ll love.



Yes, the power of annotations is not only on the app. 

When you open your content in a browser, you’ll see an “annotate” button that brings up annotation features on the web. Arrows, boxes, and text can all be used to mark up your content. Web annotations make it that much easier for you to mark up your content when and how you want. 


GIF demonstrating how to do web annotations with CloudApp




Sales and support reps will love this feature. 

If you’re a sales rep, chances are you always want to include a calendar link at the end of your content, and that link never changes.  

It can be tedious to create those button settings every time. Instead, add the same settings you made for the previous content with a single click. 


GIF demonstrating how to reuse button settings with CloudApp

Here’s 9 Advanced Features of CloudApp


Hotkeys are the pinnacle of workflow efficiency with CloudApp. A single keystroke can immediately start a recording, take a screenshot, and more.

But what if you don’t like the choices we made for the default keystrokes?

Change them. Here’s how you do it.

  1. Click on the app
  2. Click the gear icon
  3. Click “Settings”
  4. Click on the “Shortcuts” tab
  5. Select the shortcut you want to change, and then type in your shortcut
  6. You will now see the new shortcut replaced the old one.
  7. Click “Save”


GIF demonstrating how to change your shortcuts in CloudApp




We know that no video is perfect, and we embrace that at CloudApp. Authentic, raw videos lead to some of the best engagement.

But there are some little things you can cut out, like long pauses or an awkward ending, to make your video more professional. 

To cut or trim your video, just click the pencil icon on the video in the app. You’ll then be able to cut out or trim down the video as you need. 



GIF demonstrating how to cut and trim CloudApp screen recordings



You can gather feedback directly on your content through comments. Users can now add their ideas to your content and keep the conversation in a single place. 

Of course, if you prefer to keep the conversation in something like Slack, go for it! You just have more options. 


GIF demonstrating how to comment on CloudApp Drops



Currently on Mac only (and coming to Windows soon), you can mark up videos with annotation tools while you’re recording. Modify how long the annotations are visible and make it easier for your viewers to understand what you’re talking about. 


GIF demonstrating how to do video annotations with CloudApp



Ever wish you could pair two screenshots together? You can. 

You can layer and combine your screenshots through the desktop app. To do so, open a screenshot in the editor, then drag and drop a different screenshot on top. 


GIF demonstrating how to combine screenshots with CloudApp



Our web viewer allows users to read through an entire PDF without downloading the file. 

Here’s an example with one of our ebooks.


GIF showing hosting PDF documents in CloudApp



If you don’t like the default options for your primary actions in CloudApp, you can choose from five other common actions to display. 

To do this, click on “More” by the other primary actions in the list. Then drag up the actions you want to include in your primary menu. 


GIF of rearranging CloudApp actions in the settings menu


BONUS: Automatically unfurl content in Gmail

Your content can automatically unfurl an image or a preview of a video within a Gmail email if you install our chrome extension. Once the CloudApp extension is installed, there are no further steps. You’re ready to go. 

GIF of automatically unfurling CloudApp content links in emails


We hope these features will help drive even more efficiency this year for your work. To see what we’re working on and review the latest updates to our app, you can visit our public product roadmap here