6 Ways to Create Screenshots that Boost Sales

Emilie Johnston

Screenshots are maybe the most undervalued sales real estate out there. And we’re not just saying that because screenshots happen to be our superpower.

If you're like most companies, there are screenshots of your products everywhere — from your sales pages, to your pricing pages, marketing content, review sites and more. But if your screenshots don't hit home in the eyes of your prospect, you could be leaving some big money on the table.

Here's how to create conversion-focused screenshots that deliver more value to your prospects, and help you close more deals.

Show Real-Life Results

Features are cool and all, but what your prospect really wants is that big, juicy end benefit. Even sales execs with the deepest product knowledge know, it's all about the client. So show them what they want to see. Ask one of your best customers if you can share a screenshot showcasing the end result of how they used your product to improve their business. Much like word of mouth and testimonials, product marketing works best when your customers do it for you.

Use a Before and After Shot

The before and after shot isn't just for infomercials and diet supplements. This tried and true sales technique is a highly effective way of showcasing the actual, tangible difference your product delivers. Even if you're selling a SaaS product, showing a screenshot of one of your customer's sales from their first day using your product, and another with 10x the results on day 30, is a fantastic way to make your product irresistible.

Create a Sneak Peek

Let's face it. Most feature updates are about as thrilling as stale bread. You post your monthly product announcements to your blog, email newsletter and what do you hear? Crickets. Creating a sneak peek screenshot and working it into reader-worthy marketing content is a great way to get prospects excited about your upgrades.They don't need to see a perfectly polished product. The goal is to show just enough to pique their interest and keep their eyes peeled for more.

Keep them Scannable

As attention spans get shorter, the more important it is to use simple, eye-catching screenshots. Sit back from your screen and squint your eyes. Can you still get the gist of it? If someone saw your screenshot pop up in a google image search, would they have a good understanding of what it's about? It's important that your images — especially, cover images — pass a simple squint test and can be easily absorbed by info-overwhelmed reader. If you're unsure, use an annotation tool to point the reader's eyes in the right direction.

Have Some Fun with Your Screenshots

Does your brand have an awesomely unique voice or value prop? Screenshots are a great way to liven up your sales pitch with some short, punchy info. Add a quick hack or pro tip to your images to get prospects to envision using the tool themselves. If you can do that, you're already halfway to the sale. This is also a great way to differentiate. Take a look at the screenshots your competitors are using. What are your prospects tired of seeing? Go ahead and do something different. After all, it pays to stand out.

Make them Shareable

If you've followed the above 5 tips, your screenshot is definitely one worth sharing. And given that 82% of consumers seek referrals from peers before making a purchase, making your screenshot as shareable as possible is a great way to build awareness with the right audiences. Add a social sharing button to your screenshots to make it a complete no-brainer.

Got a gorgeous screenshot to share? Drop it into the comments below and help a fellow reader rock their next sales pres.

Not using screenshots yet? Check out our free screenshot tool for Mac and Windows here.  

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