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Learn about the latest updates from CloudApp, the best use cases, and tools and workflows to help you work at the speed of sight.


Use Case Product Use screenshots, annotations, GIFs, and video recordings to speed up the feedback process. Get Demo Learn how Kelly Eng, Product Manager at

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G2 Crowd

Case Study G2 Crowd G2 Crowd Sales team has built over $7m in sales pipeline using CloudApp to create personalized videos for customers The entire

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Case Study Intercom Intercom uses CloudApp to improve communication across global offices Team saved more than 1 hour every week by using CloudApp Decreased frustration

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16 Work from Home Productivity Tips

Working from home is not everyone’s dream way to work. If you are struggling to achieve your work goals remotely, this article provides you with proven tips that will definitely boost your work from home productivity.

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Supercharge Your iOS Workflow With Shortcuts and CloudApp

You can make things happen quickly with a few of these amazing workflows. iOS Shortcuts will revolutionize the way you use your devices and make you much more productive and efficient.

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