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Ancient SaaS proverb: If a product feature never gets used was it even created at all?

You did it! Your product feature that every customer is asking about is finally ready to ship. You have gone through beta, QA’d for bugs, and made it look pretty.

The next step is one that many startups of product led companies may forget. You need people to actually know how to use and utilize the benefits of the feature before you can see if it was successful. Here are things that have led large awareness and increased activation rates of our core products.


Just like roadmaps for a product, it’s important to have a roadmap for the marketing release plan. There are a few crucial pieces to include in your process to ensure everyone is ready for a good launch.


The creation should be the fun part.of the release. If you do a tier 1 it will end up being quite a bit of content and imagery that you end up creating. You will want to make sure that you build in enough lead time as well for yourself and your design team. Here are some options you might want to consider.


The process and plan in place will help ensure communication checkpoints. Marketing , product, and eng should have multiple points of contact to make sure collateral is on time and the product features planned for release are ready. Meetings don’t always need to be in person, can be done over Slack or with a CloudApp video, but here is a good guidance for check ins.


You made it to launch day! Congratulations, it’s no small feat to coordinate multiple teams to a successful launch. There will undoubtedly be something that goes wrong today. Your product may go down, your press release may have been scheduled for AM instead of PM. Your wifi may go down during the live stream. Just prepare for the worst and if nothing bad happens then good for you!

A couple of days prior to launch its good to meet with the core team just to review the checklist you created prior. Make sure all content is staged and ready, the product is ready, and everyone knows what is expected of them on launch day.

You should also minimize the amount of other product changes you are making the day of a release, to lower the risk of issues the day of!

Post Mortem

A piece that may be missed after the excitement of launch day is looking back and seeing how things went. Review the data on usage , web traffic, signups, and other key metrics to compare to other launches.Reviewing the successes and failures will help hone your plan for the next release. A continual focus will ensure that your launch goes well and that your customers know how and why to use the newest version.

A successful launch can bring about a strong connection to your customers. It can also lead to stronger activation and a nice bump in signups. You worked so hard to put together great features, make sure it isn’t wasted with a poorly designed launch.