3 Quick Tips for Improving Productivity at Work

Ray Foley

Emails. Phone calls. Meetings.


This is what a typical day looks for a lot of individuals. An average day at work can be hindered by interruptions, lack of focus and lack of planning. Making small changes to your work environment will help reduce or prevent some of the daily distractions and improve productivity.Some tips to improve productivity include organizing your work space, stop multitasking and using video messaging tools to reduce meetings and emails.


Stop multitasking.


Multitasking at work is a tempting, yet unproductive habit. Instead of coming into work and focusing on ten different projects at once, it is better to take a few minutes to plan your day and tackle one task at a time. A study conducted at the University of London found that people who multi tasked in cognitive tasks experienced an IQ decline that is similar to a person who has stayed up all night. Instead of using your brainpower to tackle multiple projects at once, write down what work is needed for the day and set aside time for each one. For example, work on a task for 60-90 minutes, check email and take a little break and go to the next task. This is much more manageable than working on multiple projects the entire day and finishing none. By finishing one task at a time, your day’s work will compound to multiple tasks done and within a week you will likely have accomplished much more than you originally planned.


Utilize video messaging tools to reduce meetings and emails.

Meetings and emails are some of the main culprits of reduced productivity at work. From making sure the meeting starts and ends on time to communicating efficiently during meetings, meetings will likely take up way more time than originally planned. Efficient email communication is another obstacle to a productive workday, especially when working collaboratively on a project. A video messaging tool like CloudApp is a great solution to improve meetings and communication with co-workers. With features like screen-recording and GIF creations, teams can share exactly what they’re working on and any issues that they are experiencing. Additionally, the webcam feature allows teams to communicate more personally; a meeting can start as quickly as turning your webcam on!


Organize your work space.


Along with workflow tools, organizing your work space can greatly improve your productivity. Coming into a decluttered desk every morning is a subconsciously demoralizing way to start your workday.Small things such as leaving a wrapper or leaving a bunch of sticky notes will quickly add up and make your work space a nightmare. A simple way to help address your work space clutter is to make little changes to prevent future clutter. One example is by placing a trash can near your desk, this little change can do wonders and all of the little clutter from your desk will decrease tremendously. Take control of your work space today by making one change to your work environment and you will see an improvement in your productivity and environment.

Work is hard enough as it is and with the demands we all have on us to do things more fast and efficiently, these three things will hopefully help to improve your productivity.



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