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Learn about the latest updates from CloudApp, the best use cases, and tools and workflows to help you work at the speed of sight.

Game Screen Recorder

With CloudApp’s screen recording feature, anyone can record a live stream of an online game, so that no match or play goes unseen. Learn how to record and instantly share any game from your Mac or PC screen with our simple native app.

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Gif Editor App

CloudApp is an easy to use GIF editor making it simple to edit and share GIFs. Whether you are in web development, support, sales or design, our GIF editor will enable you to work faster and be more productive.

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File Upload

File uploading becomes a difficult task with big files. CloudApp’s Screen Recorder not only allows users to create visual content, but also lets users to upload files for download in seconds, storing your valuable data in the cloud.

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From tools to tactics, our comprehensive guide to productivity provides you our best resources on how to nail your efforts to be productive.

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How To Record Your Screen

CloudApp’s screen recording feature helps teams to share ideas, communicate thoughts, and collaborate through personalized video. Learn how to record your screen and save time by sharing your thoughts with HD video and webcam recordings.

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GIF Creator App

With CloudApp, you can create GIFs of anything on your screen and instantly save them to the cloud, in an easy-to-use enterprise-level app. It’s as easy as capture and share!

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Video to GIF

Using CloudApp’s video to GIF feature, anyone can easily turn a video into a shareable GIF. Whether its recording online game play, capturing a movie scene, or simply guiding colleagues through a workflow, you can say it all with a GIF.

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How to Share Large Video Files

Sharing large video files has never been easier with CloudApp’s file sharing tool. Break free from file size and bandwidth limits, get unlimited storage, secure cloud hosting, and file capture all in one easy to use application.

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Free Cloud Storage Without Limitations

Don’t pay extra for cloud storage when it’s wrapped up in a tool you’re already using. CloudApp’s screen recorder automatically incorporates free unlimited cloud storage so that your videos, GIFs and screenshots remain securely in one place.

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All-In-One Video Recording App

CloudApp offers an easy-to-use video recording app that is absolutely free. Record and edit the screen of your computer. Share videos on your iPhone. Create GIFs and snap screenshots. CloudApp makes visual communication easy.

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Microsoft Snipping Tool

With CloudApp’s snipping tool alternative for Microsoft OS Windows, capturing a screenshot or video from the screen of your PC is fast and easy. Simply drag, snip and share with coworkers and clients instantly.

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Faster bug review and tracking

Submitted by: Release more features and fewer bugs with flexible, asynchronous communication Our community is over 3 million users strong and growing. CloudApp provides instant collaboration

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Screen Recorder for Chrome

Screen Recorder for Chrome CloudApp offers screen recording software for Chrome which is fast and incredibly efficient. This is your all-in-one solution for capturing, editing

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How to use the Internet

How To Use The Internet Welcome to How To Use The Internet from CloudApp. A series of quick tutorial videos on commonly asked questions walking

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Supercharge Your iOS Workflow With Shortcuts and CloudApp

You can make things happen quickly with a few of these amazing workflows. iOS Shortcuts will revolutionize the way you use your devices and make you much more productive and efficient.

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