Webcam Video Recording: Make Communication Fast and Expressive

27 October 2015

Long emails…who has the time anymore? Typing a novel of an email is a thing of the past, especially for teams who opt for more efficient means of communication. Complex ideas and workflows take an eternity to type and read, while all tone is lost. Face-to-face conversation is often ideal for speed and clarity but it’s not recorded/stored, nor organized in a queue that you can tackle when convenient (like email), not to mention geography. We’ve taken the best of both worlds and enabled webcam video messages.

To record, press the webcam recording button in your application drop-down or use the hotkey shortcut, cmd+shift+8! You’ll see your mug shot, and then press start when you’re ready. Giving more detailed feedback and animated instructions has never been easier. Communicate with emphasis and expression (smiles, winks, etc.)! And did we mention it’s so much faster than typing?!

Here’s us showing you how it works:

Stop writing at snail’s pace and accelerate your workflow with CloudApp Webcam Recording.

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