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Annotate Your Images

Draw a line, arrow, or add text to add comments, instructions and clarity to feedback.
CloudApp | Annotate

Supported Workflows

Enhance Images & GIFs

Draw a line, arrow, or add text to add comments, instructions and clarity to feedback.

Make Your Point Faster

No more lengthy emails or written explanations. Give context quickly and visually.

Blur Sensitive Information

No more lengthy emails or written explanations. Give context quickly and visually.

What are annotations?

Annotations help others understand content such as text, diagrams, or images. Content can be annotated in many different ways, but some of the more popular forms are text descriptions, arrows, circles, and lines. They are typically added atop existing content, such as over a screen capture or recording.

Why Use Annotations?

Annotations can provide context and clarity to complex concepts that may need additional explanation. They help bring attention to important details that might be overlooked or hard to find. Annotations are basically the icing on the cake when it comes to screen captures and recordings – they can help you drive your point home by marking up your content. They are especially useful for emphasizing details that may be tough to see within a larger context. Annotations can also be used as an editing tool: underline words, circle mistakes, add check-marks of approval, signify the movement of sections with an arrow, make comments or suggestions with text, use emojis to show emotion, or blur out information to be removed.

CloudApp’s Annotation Tool

Annotations are a fantastic way to emphasize details and clarify ideas. Used in conjunction with a screen capture or recording, you can be assured that no one will be confused by your content. With CloudApp’s annotation tool, you can add lines, arrows, circles, drawings, text and even emojis to your content. You can even blur out sensitive information or irrelevant content you don’t wish to include.

Annotate GIFs Using CloudApp (Mac Only)

You can also use CloudApp to add annotations to your GIFs to provide clarity or emphasize details. GIF annotations are a fantastic way to replace the need for recorded audio instructions – simply add text to a GIF. You can also use lines, arrows and circles to ensure small details aren’t missed in quick GIFs. Alternatively, the blur tool allows you to hide irrelevant details or sensitive information.

Annotation Use Cases by Role

Engineering – Provide detailed implementation illustrations by marking up screen captures. Your code becomes more valuable when others can quickly learn how to use it thanks to annotated images that spell out specific instructions.

Customer Support – Make screen captures and recordings even more clear with annotations that help customers understand how something works or answers their very specific question. Colorful lines and circles can be used to draw attention to helpful information within existing content. Customers can also utilize annotations to express exactly what they mean when sharing a problem with the customer support team – improving communication and saving time.

Sales – Stand out from others and accelerate the sales process by adding custom annotations to your content. Make changes and markups within seconds to provide your clients with rapid responses.

Product – Easily refer to specific details you want changed by circling them or using an arrow. Give feedback on ideas by adding text to screen captures, or draw out question marks for areas that need more clarification.

More Use Cases by Role

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