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How Do You Start Earning Points?

It’s easy! Sign up for the All-Stars Program and start earning points by using CloudApp like you normally do.  Earn additional points by titling and sharing your drops on Twitter with two hashtags: #cloudapp and #allstardrop (both hashtags are required to get points).  At the end of the month, the post with the highest engagement* on Twitter will get an additional 300 points.

*See contest rules for what is counted as “engagement.”
For each drop created
For every drop created with CloudApp  you will get one point.
For each drop shared
Post your titled and hashtagged drop on Twitter for an additional 10 points per post.
For highest engagement
The post with the highest engagement* total at the end of the month will get a bonus 300 points. One winner awarded.

How are winners determined?

At the end of every month, point totals for that month are tabulated for each participant and the top three scores will receive rewards:

The top three
point totals of
the month win:

  • 1
    $100 Amazon Gift Card
  • 2
    $50 Amazon Gift Card
  • 3
    $25 Amazon Gift Card
* 4

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