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A little bit about me

Hi! My name is Natalie. I am a student at Brigham Young University, an avid reader and writer, and a new product marketing manager at CloudApp. I love physical books, doggos, orange-y chocolate, and internships. I am legitimately an internship junkie – I will spare you on the whole story, but here’s a little on the four most recent.

Natalie Tate Internship Timeline

Things I like about CloudApp

What some people think when they hear I signed on to my sixth internship:

Get Some Help GIF

Me too, partially. After Google, I was dead-set on graduating ASAP, getting out of Utah ASAP, and being an “adult woman” ASAP.

So this is how I felt after completing my slew of five internships:

It's Done LOTR GIF

And a little bit of this:

I just want it to stop The Office GIF

But then I met CloudApp, and I felt like this:

It's that time again? GIF

Long story short, here we go again.

Oh boy GIF

But Why?

the people

  1. The people at CloudApp are hungry, humble, and hardworking. I find myself inspired daily by their can-do attitude towards all things data, tech, and consumer.
  2. Despite their aforementioned humble attitude, people at CloudApp are impressive as heck. They have a breadth and depth of experience that blows my nerd-brain. The sheer power of consumer and market knowledge radiating off these people is not to be messed with.
  3. With a “flat” org structure (or lack of bureaucratic hierarchy that tends to plague large companies), CloudApp has given its people both a significant sense of autonomy and community. We are encouraged to bring our full, authentic selves to CloudApp, which is something I have seen and cherished since I began the interviewing process.
CloudApp on a Zoom conference call
CloudApp team activity- laser tag!
CloudApp Team Activity to The Grid Racetrack

the role

Although I am technically in the role of Associate Product Marketing Manager at Cloudapp, having no Product Marketing Manager has given me the opportunity to work directly with the VP of Marketing, the Product Manager, and the CEO at CloudApp. This role has not only allowed me a fast-paced and collaborative opportunity to spread my wings, but it has also given me the bandwidth to explore a series of interests and side projects.

the product

Things I love about the CloudApp product: