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Record your screen as a video with your voice & face, an annotated image, or a GIF and instantly share it as a link to get your point across.

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Screen recording software for Mac, Windows, Chrome, and iOS

Save time, record a video instead

Win back your calendar and stop wasting time in meetings and with long emails. Our screen recorder can provide the context and connection of a meeting without the time commitment.

Add deeper context with annotation

Sometimes you need to add a little extra to your screenshot. Drop in some annotations for added context.

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Customer Support

Don't just respond to your customers—delight them. Make every interaction clearer and faster by sending the perfect annotated screenshot, screen recording, or GIF to ensure crystal-clear communication and a better customer experience.

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Release new product features faster with our screen recording software. Asynchronous screen recording with CloudApp can help cut down on meetings and improve collaboration. Supercharge your product team with CloudApp.

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Our screen recording software means you stay better connected with key stakeholders at every stage of the sales cycle. Personalized videos, screenshots, and GIFs mean fewer meetings and more closed opportunities.

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CloudApp improves bug reporting and encourages richer collaboration with your engineering team. Adding screen-recorded CloudApp videos and/or screenshots will add better context and speed to any issue.

G2 Crowd
"The videos are actually selling for us when we are not around."
Olivier L'Abbé, SVP of Sales at G2 Crowd
Cloud Elements
"Leveraging CloudApp in our Github pull requests and during conversations with our Engineering team saves us about 50 minutes every day!"
Josh Wyse, Sr. Software Developer at Cloud Elements
'CloudApp eliminated the need for the rep to type down mile long responses and the personalization is what sets us apart.'
Steve Davis, Customer Support Manager at Gainsight

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Capture or record your screen. Share it as a link.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine how much a GIF or video can communicate. Share your ideas with CloudApp's video recording software. Streamline your workflow and get more done.

CloudApp is a key part of my day-to-day work life! It is the fastest way to get work done.”

Maxime Prades, Product Lead at Facebook
Maxime Prades
Product Lead at Facebook