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CloudApp is more than just screenshots & quick recording. Share images, videos, music, documents, code snippets, markdown files directly from Photoshop, Sketch and dozens of other apps!

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“ CloudApp streamlines our sharing and communication. I no longer waste time trying to explain complex workflows or edits to be made, or get mired in file attachments. Instead I just constantly use CloudApp to capture, comment, and share via a handy link. CloudApp is indispensable to the efficiency of our business, and they’re fantastic to work with.” Daniel Ruben Odio-Paez
Lifehacker & Entrepreneur in Silicon Valley, ShareThis
“I'm constantly sharing screenshots with my team. CloudApp lets me share the screenshot in one action and I love that it automatically uploads the shortened URL to the clipboard” Gemmy Tsai
Head of Product Hired
“Few apps come across my path that become instantly integrated into my workflow. CloudApp is one of them. I honestly can't imagine using my computer without it. It's critical to the way I work.” Mike Gee
Co-Founder + Designer, Delighted
“CloudApp is file sharing the way it should be: simple and powerful with a handy keyboard shortcut integration that my fingers tend to stay glued to all bundled into and elegant UI” Brian Hoff
Founder & Creative Director, Brian Hoff Design

Take a screenshot

CloudApp is the quickest, easiest way to share screenshots. Grab a section of your screen & get a link to share instantly.

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Take a screenshot
Add annotations
Share instantly

Record your screen

Motion allows you to capture screen and upload it as an easily shareable GIF or silky smooth 60fps high quality video.

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Create a screen recording
Choose settings
Share instantly

Createa webcam video

Use your webcam to record and send video for fast, effective, and animated communication.

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Record video
Share instantly

Go Pro and Accelerate Team Collaboration

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Unlimited dropsBecome a sharing machine with infinite assets.
Password protectionProtect important material with a password for an extra layer of security.
Theme customizationCompletely own the sharing experience with your own logo and select from our available themes.
Drop expirationUse auto-destruction to have your drops delete on a timed fuse, controlling your asset’s longevity.
Custom domainAdd a custom domain name. No more `` when sharing files with colleagues, clients and partners.
AnnotationsProvide clear design feedback, QA bugs, and more with extremely effective in-browser annotations.