CloudApp Annotations, Teams and Updates...

30 March 2015

CloudApp was founded nearly 5 years ago to make sharing simple, fast and easy. Since then, CloudApp has become the #1 Simple sharing service–with millions and millions of users. We couldn’t be more excited about what’s in store for 2015 and want to share the new features, team additions and updates.

CloudApp started its life in simple sharing with the ability to take screenshots fast and easy–making it painless to capture any screen image and share it instantly. Since then, CloudApp has matured. We’ve added support for every type of sharing we could think of–and even some that never would have crossed our minds. From sharing preview snapshots directly from Photoshop to drag and drop sharing of large file collections to distributing Android installers with a simple workflow–there’s little you can’t do with CloudApp.

Along the way, we’ve strengthened our native integrations. You’ve seen our Yosemite support launched alongside Yosemite itself. We included Share Sheet integration and CloudApp was featured by Apple at the beginning of this year. Our iPhone and Android applications have been completely rewritten, and you may not know it, but our fastest growing new user base is on CloudApp for Windows! Finally–we’ve added CloudApp Motion screen recording, CloudApp for Teams, customization and theming, personalized branding, major platform upgrade, and over 1,000 other updates and additions.

CloudApp today is better than it has ever been. It’s been designed to seamlessly integrate with your workflow and be an extension of your brand.

CloudApp Teams

Last year we introduced CloudApp for Teams–which adds team collaboration, link control and management, SSO integration and more team-oriented features. Hundreds of companies are now using CloudApp in their team workflows including multiple public companies. Woohoo!

Speaking of teams–our CloudApp team has grown from a small team of three passionate, overworked developers to a team of ten passionate, overworked developers, passionate, overworked designers and passionate, overworked support team! :-P

The Features

The updates you see from CloudApp start out as Alpha features we dogfood within our team. Then we move Beta releases to an amazing set of beta-testers (thank you!). Finally, we launch these battle-tested features to our millions of clients. And now, we are happy to announce our upcoming release on April 2nd, which includes:

CloudApp Annotations - Gone are the days of having to use multiple apps to add comments to a screenshot. With CloudApp Annotations, easily mark up any image and share with others on your team. It’s the easiest way to add comments to an image, comp, or mockup. We even had a beta user annotate an invoice he received to send to one of his vendors.

New CloudApp for Teams Plans, Rollup and Onboarding - We’ve spoken with our team customers and looked at best practices for team onboarding and reflected new onboarding for CloudApp users within companies. Company administrators can now manage all users, comply with security policies and take advantage of team pricing. To do this, our new policy will roll all company users at a domain into one account. This simplifies management for teams and if it affects you, you’ll be getting a new team dashboard that rolls up all of your company users into one account–starting April 2nd. With this update in place, we’ll be releasing new team collaboration features we think you’re going to love. If you’re using CloudApp in your team and would like to be part of our Beta process–drop us a quick note at

CloudApp for iOS - CloudApp for iOS comes to the App Store on April 2nd and lets you access and share any drop from your CloudApp account or create a drop on the fly right from your iPhone or iPad. It’s a quick and easy way to capture and share within your team. CloudApp for iOS also deeply integrates within iOS8 to let you get a link from any outside app.

Custom JS and CSS - Users on CloudApp Storm and Enterprise plans now have a rich platform to fully customize the workflow and user experience within CloudApp. These users can customize our Javascript and CSS to make CloudApp an extension of their brand’s look and feel. And teams with analytics and other Javascript-based tools can incorporate their analytics platform of choice, implement widgets like HelloBar or even enable retargeting on drops using services like Adroll for complete coverage of all their links.

More Updates

CloudApp has millions and millions of users sharing an unbelievable amount of assets–and more and more, our customers rely on us in a business context. We know there’s also a huge amount of users that use CloudApp from time-to-time in a non-business context (that’s you 1GB Japanese anime GIF guys!). We’re still happy to have free users, but starting April 2nd, the monthly limit will be 10 drops per month. As a free customer, you’ll still get free hosting, free bandwidth, automatic client updates and non-priority email support. And, we’ve launched a referral program for those free customers that want to use more of CloudApp without sacrificing one cup of coffee.

Coming soon…

This year expect to see new features that you’ve asked for including (sshhh!): search, tags, drop expiration, read receipts, deep analytics and reporting and the launch of the CloudApp+ Marketplace! We’ll also be rolling out CloudApp for Windows along with CloudApp for Android to make accessing and sharing available from anywhere at any time.

If you’re interested in being a pilot partner for the new CloudApp+ Marketplace, contact us at to discuss.

CloudApp is listening…

I personally read all of your feedback and each and every !@#!@ tweet. I love reading your great feedback and hearing how CloudApp has moved the needle for your daily workflow. And sometimes, when we change things, I get to read about those of you that loved the way we used to do things. I am all ears for your feedback and if you ever want to reach me directly, my email is

Or send our support team a quick note at if there is anything on your mind–or if you need help setting up CloudApp or growing CloudApp in your organization. Our team would love to hear your thoughts and how we can better serve you!


Tyler Koblasa
CloudApp, CEO