CloudApp Goes Mobile (psh, about time!)

26 May 2015

CloudApp on my Macbook is addictive. It’s like when you’re jumping rope and you keep jumping even after you miss the rope–if I’m on a computer that doesn’t have CloudApp, my fingers still jump to the CloudApp hot key the minute I want to share something. More and more, I find myself doing work on my iPhone, and I get that same reaction to share with CloudApp. We looked in the community, and we found that Apple developer Jackie Tran made a quality CloudApp integration for the iPhone. We thought Jackie did a great job, and we ended up working together last year to make his app an officially supported iPhone client. Well… we’ve been polishing CloudApp iOS readying for this release (and waiting on our friends at Apple to get to our AppStore update to the finish line). And now I’m proud to announce CloudApp iOS.

CloudApp iOS makes it simple to share:

  • A screencap
  • Videos (helps circumvent file-size limits!)
  • Bookmarks
  • And more… in fact CloudApp iOS supports iOS Share extensions, so you’ll see Send to CloudApp links when working with Contacts, Maps, etc. and opening everything from Mail Attachments to PDFs.

We hope you enjoy CloudApp iOS! Please share your feedback.