For Your Eyes Only: Keep your Team Private with CloudApp Privacy

6 October 2015

So your team has secret weapons, mind-blowing ideas, and game-changing plans. And you’d like to keep them private, for your crew’s eyes only. When you share such drops, you want to be 100% sure that these will only be accessible by the intended recipients. Keep calm, we’ve got you covered—you can now easily manage the accessibility of your drops to keep them internal to your team.

With the new Privacy feature, you’re now empowered to limit access to the individuals you choose or to your team. These VIP teammates, friends, or partners can be notified via email that they are amongst the select few with security clearance.

Watch it in action:

As in the GIF above, you’re able to grant access to your whole team in a single click without having to enter their emails one by one. If there’s no need for a notification email, just untick the box in the recipient’s area. For an extra layer of security you can easily add a password— check “set password” right below!

If you forget to include a person who requires accessibility to your drop, no big deal! Every user keen to view your drop can simply request access as shown below, which will automatically send you an email with a confirmation link.

By the way, we’ve also coupled Privacy with the Share via Email feature so that when you send your drops via email, you can control access concurrently. Your workflow just got more fluid and secure. ;)

To enjoy full control over your privacy settings,
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