You'll Love Earth Class Mail As Much As We Do! And CloudApp will Hook You Up.

2 September 2015

Let us present one of our favorite comrades in the quest for more seamless workflow:

Earth Class Mail takes away the pain and drudgery of dealing with your physical mail by digitizing your postal mail. Their team scans and manages all incoming mail and integrates the content seamlessly into your email flow. For our team, it’s such a relief to not be buried under piles of paper mail. And all our content is organized in an intuitive repository so we can easily find things later. Plus, I can have junk mail shredded and recycled—which is an ethic we want to live up to.

The best thing is they not only scan and send you the searchable PDF, they also enable you to act on it. For example, if you need a mail you received to be forwarded, they’ll simply ship it for you. If you need to deposit a check, they’ll automatically deposit it electronically into your bank account. No more bank errands (ugh, traffic). If you run Google Drive, DropBox, or, you can send your scanned mail directly to one of those services. If you get paper invoices, you can send them directly to your AP system via their integration. Goodbye wasted time, hello efficiency.

So if you’re ready to get on top of your mail, and out of the stone age, we’ll hook you up. Here’s a promo code for CloudApp enthusiasts: CLOUDAPP. Use it after following the link below:

Get ECM with promocode: CLOUDAPP

You’ll select an address where you’d like your mail to be sent (it’s always cool to have an alternative address). Then ECM will take care of the rest and securely handle your mail. They’re phenomenal to work with so get your virtual mailroom up and running!